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Houston Personal trainer
Elite in Home Personal trainer Melissa
is Best in Texas!
ACE Certified Houston Personal Trainer
American Council on Exercise
Other Qualifications are: Bachelor of Science degree
NIPM (National Institute Of Preventive Medicine)
National Red Cross CPR,
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Spring Texas 77379

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Top Houston personal trainer workouts include Running bleachers or bleacher workouts, speed and agility training, weight loss with weight training, strength training and core training, sports conditioning for soccer, volleyball, tennis, track and football, Kick boxing training, running coaching, nutrition guidance on eating to lose belly fat, nutrition for body sculpting and muscle building, roller blading, spinning and cycling, tennis workouts, med ball workouts and core workouts to tighten obliques, stability workouts, slide workouts, plyometrics and much more

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Austin Texas Personal Trainer Erik @trailroots



Austin, Texas  Personal Trainer and Running Coach Erik specializes in individual and group trail running, weight loss workouts, speed work, interval training, track workouts, cross training, distance running, rapid weight loss and resistance training with weights, weighted vest workouts, med ball workouts, plyometrics, ab workouts, biking and skating and the sledge hammer workouts.


Houston Personal Trainer, Houston in home personal trainer


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Hii I am Melissa and I'm a personal trainer, and I've been a personal trainer basically my whole career since college. I am also a journalist and an author. I have been using my personal training website also as a platform to publish the book I am currently writing but I am in the process of separating these two different aspects of my life so that this website focus's on my personal training, and the new website will focus on my writing. For now, if you wish to access my book it is still temporarily located on this website but soon will have its own home and its own new website and I am very excited about that.

1 I have had clients ask me how I managed to stay in shape after having five kids and they assume that it's because it's my job. Actually though, fitness of body and mind is a lifestyle choice, not part of the job requirements. And you create a much better quality of life for yourself, when you invest in fitness for your body and for your mind and for your soul...health is an ageless quality we all express. I do not drink or use any medications or recreational drugs. I believe that drugs and the idea of a quick fix is the same way that people in the past used to think that tying a string might cut the pain. It has no basis in truth.

Many people are now not willing to invest in the benefits that come with consistent workouts...it might SEEM easier to take a weight loss pill...but rememeber that pill usually has terrible side effects and does not last long term..often weight problems still persist.All people have the ability within themselves to make a choice to be fit by exercising and to be fit mentally by learning and reading and paying attention to the world around them. I hope you learn some of my fitness tricks by reading my website. I can be a bit all over the place, but that is what has made me good at what I do so if you find that you need help, give me a shout on Twitter, I am @Melissasworkout

Use the winter weather to take your time and get your body ready for next summer. The gyms are always packed in January, do not wait till then reserve your spot now. email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Houston Personal Trainer Melissa us experienced with References from hundreds of personal training  clients in the Greater Houston area, promoting weight loss, building strength, conditioning, preventing injuries, and providing creative fitness alternatives. Formerly at Gold's gym, The Q, Ultra Bodies, and 24 Hour Fitness, Melissa also provides intense boot camps and sports specific training for athletes. This in-home personal trainer in Houston guarantees your success rate while carving inches off your body. She directly supervises and is continuously involved with all her trainers and interacts with every client on nutrition and workouts.


American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.), and by the National Institute of Preventive Medicine as well as a B.S. degree with a background in Nursing and Health.

Fundraisers and charities
Houston M.S.150, Houston Moonlight Ramble bike ride, Alamo Challenge fundraiser

types of workouts
intervals, endurance training, per-natal exercises, post injury workouts, flexibility/strength training, conditioning, agility and speed workouts, stretching and yoga, swimming, plyometrics and sports specific personal training workouts for volleyball, tennis, track, soccer, gymnastics, cross country, swimming



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When was the last time you felt comfortable with your body on the beach. Well a summer at the beach where you love how you look is a good goal in my opinion. Together we can get you there, and make working out simpler and more fun.

If you live near
Austin, Texas

I cannot train you myself but I strongly recommend my son ERIK and his trail running and personal training for fitness and stamina.
Personal trainer Erik....Austin Texas.. @trailRoots

Before I say anything about Erik, I have to first say that he is one of my sons and I think he is the best possible trainer anyone could have if they live in the Austin Area. He qualified at one point to go to the Olympic trials and his running is in a class all its own. But the main thing is that he is very spiritual, kind, compassionate, humorous and strong, and is very dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. I am proud to recommend him and I trained him from the time he was a little boy and he would go running with me for five miles up to the hills in Las Vegas. when I lived there.

Erik offers serious boot camps in Austin Texas periodically  and has his own web-page under http://www.trailroots.com/

Get ready for the holidays...lose weight now...call and reserve a spot today.

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