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ACE Certified Houston Personal Trainer
American Council on Exercise
Other Qualifications are: Bachelor of Science degree
NIPM (National Institute Of Preventive Medicine)
National Red Cross CPR,
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Best Houston  and The Woodlands Personal Trainer Melissa, Texas,  fast results workout, weight loss ,balance of nutrition, strength training
Erik TRAILROOTS(of Austin, Texas) and Steph (of San Jose and Los Gatos California ), provide in home weight loss,  toning and kickboxing workouts in Houston, Austin Texas and San Jose and Los Gatos California. Featured Houston Personal Training workouts include Running bleachers or bleacher workouts, speed and agility training, weight loss with weight training, strength training and core training, sports conditioning for soccer, volleyball, tennis, track and football, Kick boxing training, running coaching, nutrition guidance on eating to lose belly fat, nutrition for body sculpting and muscle building, roller blading, spinning and cycling, tennis workouts, med ball workouts and core workouts to tighten obliques, stability workouts, slide workouts, plyometrics and much more..even boot camps!.

Los Gatos and San Jose California Personal Trainer Stephanie


Los Gatos and San Jose California area personal trainer Stephanie, specializes in helping brides lose weight before their weddings as well as coaching girls volleyball training and conditioning, girls club volleyball preparation, weight loss conditioning, Running training, Weight toning and Plyometrics as well as running and interval speed work and improved reaction time training.


Austin Texas Personal Trainer Erik


Austin, Texas  Personal Trainer and Running Coach Erik specializes in individual running, weight loss workouts, speed work, interval training, track workouts, cross training, distance running, rapid weight loss and resistance training with weights, weighted vest workouts, med ball workouts, plyometrics, ab workouts, biking and skating and the sledge hammer workouts. Personal trainer Erik also works for Rogue Sports and can help Runners in Austin Texas find good running shoes and equipment for trail running and he coaches a Rogue Sports trail running group on Saturdays as well. These group running organizations are very popular in Austin, Texas and are great condidioning workouts and provide unique social opportunities as well.


The Woodlands personal trainer Nikki


The Woodlands Personal Trainer Nikki specializes in helping moms with children in The Woodlands lose weight and get tone and lean and fit. Nikki, who is a runner at heart, enjoys weight training her clients as well as helping them with advanced workouts such as plyometrics, step bench workouts, cardio workouts, spinning workouts, interval training and more. She is exclusive to The Woodlands, Texas and is able to bring the high quality of personal training available in the Galleria to her clients in home in The Woodlands.

Houston Personal Trainers Joe


Houston Personal Trainer and Houston Bodybuilder Joe of Houston, Texas Specializes in body building, gym strength workouts, tennis workouts, ab workouts and track workouts in Spring, the Galleria, Downtown Houston, Rice University area, and the Houston Medical Center. The Galleria personal Trainer Joe is particularly skilled in helping clients learn how to lose excess body fat by teaching them proper eating for fitness and for improved nutrition. He has an outgoing personality and is always cheerful and an excellent communicator.

Houston Personal Trainer, The Woodlands Personal trainer, Austin Texas, San Jose and Los Gatos California, Buena Vista and Salida Colorado fitness trainers help to lose weight now with in home personal training.



Hii I am Melissa and I'm a personal trainer, and I've been a personal trainer basically my whole career since college. 1 I have had clients ask me how I managed to stay in shape after having five kids and they assume that it's because it's my job. Actually though, fitness of body and mind is a lifestyle choice, not part of the job requirements. And you create a much better quality of life for yourself, when you invest in fitness for your body and for your mind. I do not drink or use any medications including pharma. I believe that drugs and the idea of a quick fix has had some devastating consequences. Many people are now not willing to invest in the benefits that come with consistent workouts...it is easier to take a weight loss pill...and even iif that pill has terrible side effects and does not last long term..they still persist.All people have the ability within themselves to make a choice to be fit by exercising and to be fit mentally by learning and reading and paying attention to the world around them. I hope you learn some of my fitness tricks by reading my website. I can be a bit all over the place, but that is what has made me good at what I do so if you find that you need help, give me a shout on Twitter, I am @Melissasworkout, or on here This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Use the winter weather to take your time and get your body ready for next summer. The gyms are always packed in January, do not wait till then reserve your spot now. email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Houston Personal Trainer Melissa? is experienced with References from hundreds of personal training  clients in the Greater Houston area, promoting weight loss, building strength, conditioning, preventing injuries, and providing creative fitness alternatives. Formerly at Gold's gym, The Q, Ultra Bodies, and 24 Hour Fitness, Melissa also provides intense boot camps and sports specific training for athletes. This in-home personal trainer in Houston guarantees your success rate while carving inches off your body. She directly supervises and is continuously involved with all her trainers and interacts with every client on nutrition and workouts.

  • Melissa...Certified and has her fitness degree by the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.), and by the National Institute of Preventive Medicine as well as a B.S. degree with a background in Nursing and Health. Stephanie and Joe and Erik are also certified Houston and Austin Personal Trainers and  Stephanie is also AFAA certified.
  • Superior Communication Skills as well as her devotion to fitness (has participated in Houston M.S.150, Houston Moonlight Ramble bike ride, Alamo Challenge fundraisers) and a healthy lifestyle help motivate and ensure adherence to the program she designs. Incorporates high level cardio with her sessions using Houston cardio kickboxing expert Stephanie (see photo gallery)
  • All Houston personal trainer clients and Austin Personal Trainer and running and weight loss clients, are guaranteed to lose a specific amount of weight, body fat and inches by the end of the six/eight weeks or they will receive up to another whole six/eight weeks free with any Houston Personal training workout package.
  • Houston Workout types as well as Austin Texas workouts are for weight loss to get skinny and lose body fat as well as flexibility workouts, muscle strength and toning and sports specific training. These include personal training workouts in Houston and running coaching or weigh loss in Austin Texas with a range of workouts such as  intervals, endurance training, per-natal exercises, post injury workouts, flexibility/strength training, conditioning, agility and speed workouts, stretching and yoga, swimming, plyometrics and sports specific personal training workouts for volleyball, tennis, track, soccer, gymnastics, cross country, swimming and base

I have workout packages for various lifestyles.SO LOOK and see which one fits YOU best

professional package which includes two workouts a week either in the early morning or evening for those who have a busy professional schedule that comes with an eating preferences and fitness consultation and individualized workouts based on client preferences and abilities.

New mom package, includes two workouts a week in your home so child care does not have to be provided for. These workouts will quickly help new moms get back their pre baby body. It includes menu planning to help families get on the same page with healthy eating.

Buddy package, is for students or couples who want to save money because two can basically workout for the price of one as long as they can workout at the same time and location together. This package includes a wide variety of workouts to accommodate a range of interests, but it is important that people choosing this option find a buddy with similar fitness abilities.

Quick results package is for someone who is getting married or going to an event or just wants to see fast results. This includes three workouts a week and extensive menu planning and implementation and is very effective.

For more detailed pricing information, please visit the pricing page.
Get ready to try on and fit in that TINY LITTLE BLACK DRESS =)

Start right now to get in shape with ust 40 push-ups a day..on You Tube..This video gives you just ONE thing to do every day..to get started and to get Motivated. Get a hot body with this workout introduction to the world of commitment with workouts!



When was the last time you felt comfortable with your body on the beach. Well a summer at the beach where you love how you look is a good goal in my opinion. Together we can get you there, and make working out simpler and more fun.


Do you own a bike? Maybe it is time to invest in a bike. It will help you start getting in shape, it is something you can do with your family and friends, and it is a low impact but effective workout that minimizes negative effect on the environment. I adore bike rides and they cost you nothing but an inexpensive bike.

I enjoy training clients monday through friday and on the weekends I try to spend time with my family and friends. The workouts we do together for your benefit, have to be a priority for anyone wishing to really make fast weight loss progress and I am effective in getting people on my workout page !


I am not just a personal trainer, I also sew and make my own fun clothes on occasion to emphasize that women can be in shape no matter how many babies they have had. I made this outfit and I call it "pink fluff" and I love baby pink...it is so soft and pretty .

I am willing to accommodate those who have specific eating preferences such as vegan or diabetic or salt restricted. However I believe that a complete range of food including lean meat, fish poultry, eggs and dairy as well as veggies and fruits and grain is important for best results. My eating is structured to help build muscle and by increasing muscle density on the body, it is possible to eat the same number of calories but lose weight. Educated eating, that includes some fun things like chocolate or a glass of wine occasionally, is important for long term success.


activeHouston Personal Trainer Web designer Wins award for Citiflex.com Website!

Houston Personal trainer Melissa has been extremely pleased with the website design provided by Bristlecone Web, an Internet web design company based in Austin, Texas. Her Houston in home personal training business has quadrupled with the introduction of her web page and her business has grown to include  other Houston personal trainers include Austin Texas Personal trainer Erik and a Los Gatos California Trainer Stephanie and The Woodlands Personal Trainer Nikki. All of this is due to the dedication and patience of her web design liaison from Bristlecone web. Melissa said, I have had a zillion questions answered and patiently explained to me how Internet web design is not like a magazine layout or an ad. Because of search engine optimization(and many other factors), websites are specifically designed to attract through words and I had to be convinced to do things differently than what I was used to based on my journalism experience. Thanks to Bristlecone web, Citiflex.com has received top search engine rankings on most of the major search engines with relevant keywords about personal training in Houston and personal training in Salida, Colorado, Austin, Texas and Los Gatos California, Texas.Here is a description of what Bristlecone web does for its clients...Simply put, all our services revolve around one central goal: generating new and sustainable business through the Internet. We can meet this goal because we are only successful when our clients are successful.No phrase has yet been coined to describe the bundle of services we offer - a complete web marketing package. Although some people consider web design and search engine optimization two different services, we understand that both services are interdependent. If one fails, they both fail. By wrapping these two services together we can focus on making your website profitable, today and tomorrow. The BRISTLECONE PINE TREE is the oldest living thing known to man, with some approaching 5,000 years of age! This is the origin of our name and it symbolizes our commitment to doing it right the first time.


Austin, Texas
Personal trainer Erik....Austin Texas.. @trailRoots

Before I say anything about Erik, I have to first say that he is one of my sons and I think he is the best possible trainer anyone could have if they live in the Austin Area. He qualified at one point to go to the Olympic trials and his running is in a class all its own. But the main thing is that he is very spiritual, kind, compassionate, humorous and strong, and is very dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. I am proud to recommend him and I trained him from the time he was a little boy and he would go running with me for five miles up to the hills in Las Vegas. when I lived there.

Erik offers serious boot camps in Austin Texas periodically  and has his own web-page under http://www.trailroots.com/

A person can even get started here without first hiring a personal trainer by reading our personal trainer tips pages full of a ton of weight loss and muscle building information!

  • Houston Personal trainer Melissa has years of experience giving in home workouts to men and women to lose weight with her expert personal training workouts such as bleacher workouts, weight training, cardio kick boxing, Plyometrics, Lateral workouts, speed work, and more. These Houston Personal trainer fitness workouts push quick, drug free weight loss losing fat but not muscle. Whatever a person weighed in high school can be achieved through targeted training to help men and women drop down to their original high school weight without injuries or boredom. The low cost personal training is a value when considering benefits of improved health, improved sleep, improved fitness and appearance and LOOKING LIKE YOU DID IN HIGH SCHOOL!.
  • Personal Trainer Melissa? helps hundreds of satisfied Houston workout clients as well as clients all over the country (see a few testimonials) look skinny and sculpted and lose weight because she knows the best workouts to tighten butt, thighs and abs, has good communication techniques and teaches her clients about eating for weight loss and muscle gains to improve the in home personal training workouts. (see photo slide shows
  • She has great workouts for stay-at-home mothers or busy professionals with children
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Formerly at Gold's gym, The Q, Ultra Bodies, and 24 Hour Fitness, Houston Personal trainer Melissa has a LOT of experience. She also has ongoing training and works with orthopedic specialists and chiropractors to help her clients who have injuries continue to make progress without becoming more injured. She has workouts for people with knee problems, back problems, shoulder problems and tendon problems using body weight, plyometrics, speed and agility training, bleacher workouts and more


For a Top certified male or female personal trainer in Houston to get the look and feel of celebrity personal training, contact Melissa, who will make SURE you feel just as important as  a celebrity (Some of Melissa's clients are professional athletes /celebrities...look for their photos soon on the testimonials pages)

Workout coach Melissa , pictured below in Houston, is Certified and Degreed by the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.), and by the National Institute of Preventive Medicine, I.D.E.A, as well as a B.S. degree with a background in Nursing and Health. Houston Personal Trainers Joe and Austin, Texas personal trainer Erik and Weight Loss expert Stephanie of Los Gatos, California are all certified personal Trainers.
Get an ISLAND BODY with Best Houston personal trainers bring elite in home workouts to clients in Houston,Texas, Austin Texas, Salida, Colorado, Buena Vista Colorado,and the Los Gatos,California area!

Get ready to WANT to put on a sexy Bikini again!!


Melissa is an expert in delivering top personal trainer workouts to her clients, who include professionals, CEO's and also moms and students.

If you do not particularly love working out and you do not know what exercise creates the results you want, having an experienced trainer who DEMONSTRATES by her lifestyle that she knows how to achieve worthwhile goals can help you avoid reinventing the wheel. Let Melissa plan your workout and help you get faster results and avoid injury by learning the proper body mechanics, and the best combination of weight training, aerobics, cross training and recreational activity. She has trained for years and has a knack for finding just the right combination for you.

For pricing information, please visit the pricing page.

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Houston and The Woodlands personal trainers Melissa,  Joe  and Austin Texas running coach and personal Trainer Erik,  Plus San Jose Personal trainer  and weight loss coach Steph and The Woodlands Personal Trainer Nikki, have done volleyball training, conditioning on the track and sprint training for runners, weighted vest workouts, bleacher workouts, expert cardio kick boxing instruction and yoga for flexibility. The warm Houston climate is perfect for doing speed and agility training, jump rope workouts, workouts to protect and strengthen injured areas such as bad knees or knee injuries, shoulder injuries or back injuries, plyometric workouts, and med ball workouts.

Houston Personal Training summer boot camps are also available with these four Houston Personal Trainers as well as hard core workouts, strength training, bodybuilding, personal fitness training, rock hard abs workouts, as well as outdoor activities such as skating, cycling, core training and sports conditioning for soccer, tennis, swimming, running and volleyball. Houston workout and personal training packages are a well rounded combination of exercise,  healthy eating with supervision and sufficient sleep, all supporting a happier work environment and healthier lifestyle and routine in hopes of achieving the whole body change most people desire. Photo above of sexy The Woodlands in home personal trainer Melissa
at home.
Hiking up to the continental divide near cottonwood pass in Colorado, Personal trainer from Houston and The Woodlands learns to adjust to the higher altitude.



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Best Houston Personal Trainers come to YOU with in home personal training.blue_bikini_for_summer_with_houston_personal_training WORKOUTS for Weight loss include:  Houston Body building and kickboxing with Expert Personal Trainer Joe, elite Houston workouts, Personal Training in Austin Texas and Austin Running Coaching, Houston Sports conditioning and weight loss, Houston bodybuilding, tennis and track workouts and volleyball conditioning and weight loss for brides in Los Gatos, San Jose and in the California bay area. Get GREAT ABS in Houston, (cardio Kick boxing, flex bands, stability balls, medicine balls), SEXY LEGS (Kangoo boot, step benches, slides, running bleachers), CARDIO, (plyometrics,Jump rope, skating, bicycle riding, running), MUSCLE STRENGTH ( free weights, weighted vest, outdoor free exercises (bodyweight only), SPORTS CONDITIONING in Houston and Austin Texas, (tennis, volleyball, intervals, bleacher workouts, workouts that prevent injuries and workouts to rehab injuries to knees, ankles, shoulders, back and weak abdominals. INJURIES OR PREGNANCY: stretching, light band and stability ball workouts, and Isometric workouts, low impact workouts pre-natal exercises, post injury workouts stretching and yoga, swimming, gymnastics, cross country, soccer sports specific training, agility conditioning, kick boxing, Weight training, but mostly having fun learning how to keep FIT!
This high level personal training is the best most exclusive personal training available in the big city of Houston because the trainer comes to you, gives you an intense effective workout geared to your skills and interests, and gives you in writing what your final outcome will be in body fat loss, weight loss and inches lost!