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Is art really a window into what we or our kids are thinking Print E-mail


I just went to the mall to take care of little Eevie girl and wanted to check out any artistic displays of Christmas merchandise with her in tow.

EEvie had on a black and red woodsman checked dress. I tried to take her to see Santa...but she would not have any of it.

I noticed that there were a lot of people with that same red and black woodsman check..and in particular..there was a lady..a bigger lady..who looked Indian..who had her black hair pulled back with a black headband..and had on black leggings and that red and black long loose dress..but the reason I noticed her more..was because she looked at me in that sad imploring way,  the same way that the man looked at me in Colorado in the jailhouse ..the same way that guy looked at me in the parking lot of Kmart in Charlotte..both of them...like they wanted to say something but did not or could not.
I got in my truck..and the song Indian nation came on..and for some reason it made me sad..thinking about people and how they get torn from their roots..from their very unique cultures.
It is the way that I feel sometimes with social media, ..being torn by an abundance of judicious guilt liberally spread on by well meaning strangers to help create a homogeneous group of people in the world who are open enough to feel comfortable in JUST ONE tribe..that encompasses all...and then it hit me...We were never meant to be just one tribe.
I realized that what makes us all so beautiful and interesting and worth preserving,,like a valuable piece of art, or like the Indian culture, ..is our NON homogeneous selves..the intricate diversities that we represent...even the seemingly imperfect or impure has its place when we see it with the lens of spirit or thought instead of material things that erode or decay or are diseased.
I thought about how we, when we are filled with love from others..are best able to extend a caring hand to others..not when we are deprived of love or judged by others who wish to change us because we tend to prefer our own TRIBE with all its imperfections.
It is those familiar things, that bring warmth to our fires and keep the smoke out of our tents and help us to have happy hunting grounds....those connections with our "tribe" should not be dismissed or contained...they should be celebrated appreciated and understood.

Culture is like art. It is how people express themselves without paint...art uses paint, but culture uses behaviors and ways of living to express a multitude of viewpoints.
Because I can appreciate art..I can also appreciate culture.
It it interesting to me to see how much these "means of expression" tell us if we realize they are more advanced even if less direct than more structured forms of communication like language or writing. With an eye for detail when looking at art or cultures, we can connect the dots, and better understand our neighbors, our children or our world.

One of my very intelligent kids, as a young one, did a sculpting of a head that was in the shape of a keyhole, and the keyhole it fit into, led into a box that turned into a mountain.
when he created this years ago, I thought it was interesting but never tried to understand if it had any significance. But now as I look at it, it seems to be saying that intelligent thought is like a buried treasure..or perhaps it is saying that thought or Mind, can lift mountains.. or that thought not molten iron, perhaps is at the center of our real world, our real universe.

He also did a piece of art he named a labyrinth. When one is IN a labyrinth, it seems that there is only one way out..but when one is looking OUT AT a sculpting of a labyrinth, even though it is three dimensional and has edges, it is possible to see that it is still something that we can be entirely free of..depending on our perspective. ..and perhaps being IN a labyrinth is backwards thinking?

I wish I had understood the intelligence he demonstrated back then but I am grateful to at least start to realize it now.
It is the thoughts of our children, and our adults, then and now, that need to be nurtured, kept warm and loved for them to flourish...and if we are in tune with our kids and our neighbors, we can read their art, their culture,  and help them navigate the constantly changing dynamic world that they live in with grace and humility.

When my children were starting middles school, based on their art, it seemed their thoughts were hijacked to a great degree by this electronic world called the internet. WE tried to keep it from being a significant part of our children's worlds back then but we were brand new at learning how to integrate this bit of dynamic science into our tribes. It is a product of thought so it has the ability to be good, but one way is never the only way to think.
Children, like adults, gravitate towards the novel, the grotesque, the risky images that lure them into marathon watching. And it appears that what we allow ourselves to watch, we begin to absorb..even with good parents trying to limit our exposure to the dark and the uninspired.
I am guessing that is why my parents did not want us to watch TV. Growing up, we only watched wild kingdom, and Walt Disney  on Sunday nights. We watched as a family. And that is all we watched.

When other kids were learning which shows were on which nights, we were learning to sew, to play tennis, to paint on a canvas, to go on bike rides, to build forts, to carve in soap, to play with dolls, to read and to create puppet shows to sing songs and appreciate music. We were given opportunities to flourish Individually in active, not passive roles with nature and the world.


My kids did the same as I did,  up until they were in middle school, and I realize now, that at that point in time they unfortunately slowly seemed to get completely absorbed by the novelty of the internet and its lure of mostly empty promises.
I realize this now as I look at the art that my two youngest did at this point in time.
I am grateful for the art, because any thing produced by children is a form of communication and can give a signal to parents when their children's youthful thinking is being lit, or when it is being burned and turned into darkness. It is good to know, that this is not irreparable damage that they are retain from computer images and programming, but that computers like power tools, require training with mental fortitude, not just training on which keys do which things.

The art that my children did at this time seemed dark, and full of demonic looking characters...art completely different from earlier art of animals and smiling faces.

It is very important to me to express my new awareness of the value of art with children because of the way that the world is now that it is living in a simulated or sim world...like the game the sims. It is important to see if art can tip us off on how  people who have been monitored since childhood,  starting back when the internet became widespread, are currently behaving having been drilled on by this power tool. Monitoring people, using the internet, including  children is one of the negative side effects of using the computer. And children who are monitored or manipulated with this tool, when given an artistic refuge, might communicate to us how this monitoring makes them feel.

I learned that the children in New York, for example, are all being tracked on the cloud, with or without their parents permission, including information such as illnesses and medications, delinquency, grades and behavioral problems.
Over time, any problem children could conceivably be categorized as deviants or problems to society, and even could be targeted and lured into doing dangerous or destructive activities with internet subliminal suggestions or manipulations, completely without their parents knowledge or awareness.

What if there really was a game called life, where different countries and civilizations as different teams, got the players to move, by internally motivating using an external drive tool..with social media or subliminal suggestions with advertising or computer images. What if those playing the "game" kept a list of all the individuals in different countries who are deviant in their behaviors, in order to trigger these highly sensitive and intelligent people by disrupting their environment purposefully to create mass hysteria or pandemonium or mayhem. It is not impossible.

But the internet is an empty "eye" and its "dragons" are imaginary not real.

The labyrinth of this "power" of the internet can seem daunting and impossibly manipulative, until we realize that we do not have to be IN the maze. We can lift our thoughts above it. No one can control our thoughts and we can affirm our uniqueness given to us by our creator, and can reject suggestions that make us take personal affront to another.

Every seeming "attack" on our character or the lives and beings of our friends and family and neighbors is IMPERSONAL electronic manipulation..and can be dismissed, or ignored and most of all we can refuse to react. and realize that these "suggestions" do not belong to us, and we can shut them down and not be offended.

This happened recently to me with a family member who seems to hate my blonde hair. I was told that my dad NEVER thought anyone was attractive who had blonde hair, that he was only attracted to those with brunette hair. I had dark hair when I was a little girl but have since converted to blonde hair and I love it. I know my dad would love it too if he were here. When I felt tempted to be angry at this person, instead I reaffirmed that this statement was not true, because I know my dad, and that this mean statement was not personal and that it did not belong to this person, who has apparently fallen victim to negative or hurtful suggestions made to them from the internet or others. I do not have to find my way out of that maze. I am already free.

Each of us can take a hiatus, a permanent hiatus, from the illusion of "power" of the internet.

My dad loved my art, and encouraged me to paint, and draw and write and sing. I have learned that I love to paint innocence and beauty, flowers, babies and bright colors and light. I feel this is because I keep my attention focused as much as possible on the good the enduring and the truth. We can all do that for our children, and encourage them to be in touch with the real world using paint, or sculpting or dance or language, not just electronics...and watch their art express joy not sorrow, and optimism not despair.

We can refuse to let electronics monopolize our thoughts or our world...and enrich our life with uplifting thoughts given to us in our own rich tribe of belonging.

I recently found a letter by my dad to me..and the color of my hair had very little to do with anything. I realize that I am just fine, just the way I am right now, and all of the world is just fine too.

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My birthday dinner , The Russia House Print E-mail

My birthday dinner...the Russia House

The warm Texas air, still feeling like summer lifted up the tendrils on the side of my hair as the little car sped down the highway. It was a surprise where we were going for dinner. I was being whisked away by my second to the youngest child to a place downtown, with great excitement. We had all gotten dressed up, pressed and polished to our finest look and we were all hungry as well as we had piled into the car together. I watched the bright lights flash one by one until we slowed and I saw that we were downtown in the city.
The sound of Live bands playing on a Monday night rose to our ears the minute we opened the doors to exit and this sound reverberated in the pavement as we walked past a souvenir store feeling the beat in our steps. Colorful lights from the street shops and delicious smells seemed to combine and delight for an exciting mix of hustle and bustle as we turned the corner and stopped to see the frost building in the skyline and take a photo.

We arrived shortly at our destination and I was led into a beautiful room with white roses and a bar..everyone was all smiles...and there was also a GIANT BEAR...I loved it!


After waiting a short while, we got seated in a private room separated from other rooms by heavy drapes and colorless charmingly drab wall paper.

The shelves on one side had a pieta and some colorful native dolls as well as books and magazines in another language.

Our hostess brought us three complimentary shots of Vodka and some bread with sauerkraut and onion and radishes on the side.

I feel like, in this room, I had been magically transported to another world....Like my snowy home in Colorado, it felt like how my client who is Russian had described her country of birth, obviously cold and sometimes colorless but also quaint and beautiful at the same time, and full of lovely people.

I do not drink hardly ever but I did not wish to spoil the moment so I took a sip of the Vodka and it was fiery, surprisingly tasty but I did not finish the shot. Instead I read the delicious menu....

...and ordered cabbage rolls...from scratch.

I also got tea with honey and it was brought in a tall glass, hot, with a quaint charger around the glass, "like how it was served on the train traveling from Poland" explained my child who is a world traveler and who wants to learn about other cultures and who wants to speak AND EXPERIENCE their many different languages. It was so charming and lovely.

We learned that our hostess was from the Ukraine, and she was friendly and talkative the entire evening, and we are cheerful as well,  happy and animated as our different dishes arrived and we photographed them and began to eat.

The meal .....delicious.

My child finished the shot I did not drink and flashed those big blue eyes at me in a smile of pure joy as we shared our different meal choices...one of us had dumplings and one of us had roast beef on a skewer.

We sampled the salad of egg, cucumber, onion, potato, radish, carrots meat and mayo and find it to be delicious and a good

accompaniment to the meal.

My child leaned over to give our other guest an impulsive kiss and a hug. It was the natural behavior of a very loving and very loved child all grown up, like all my 5 children, who from the time they were very young, wanted to be accepted and appreciated and loved...this one, the artistic one, the intelligent one, a leader in so many ways and yet so dependent on others for appreciation and love....  particularly innocent and pure.
In this flash of a moment I saw myself years ago...and thought about my recent visit to my moms where I read a story written by my dad in a letter he wrote about me and how I had SO wanted his approval growing up..and how much he DID approve of me and everything I did.

No matter what the world said or did, for my sisters and me, this love from our father not only still existed in his written words, it is actually palatable ..like the delicious meal we were  having...years past from my dad and his life and this letter he wrote to me, as I sat at a table for a meal with a child he never met, yet his words still resonated in my soul and his love still extended out not only to me but to this child in front of me...and to our companion whose parents were also gone like my dad, and to the whole world. Yes loved ones, each and every one of you, just like my father and his love for us, yes I approve of you and everything you do and everything you stand for.

This love to me, feels like peace on earth, The love we are able to express without reservation, and without conditions. I felt it last night, I felt it years ago and I feel it today as I write this story. And it is enough. And it is good...almost as good as the farmers cheese blintzs we ordered, drizzled with chocolate syrup and accompanied by orange marmalade..yes, almost as delicious. Yum!


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about flood "victims" A rant from a personal perspective Print E-mail

Today is October3 2017

I am sitting on the chair by the window and it is four am. I cant sleep. The white people who are staying in my house have a dog and the dog kennel must be on the floor over my bedroom because All I can hear all night long is the floor banging as the dog shifts position. I was going to tell them to put a towel under the kennel but I am instead going to write a letter and tell them to leave.
I am really disappointed in the caliber of the people who are living here in my house. They sleep until one pm. They have food stamps for which they eat MOSTLY JUNK FOOD..and they have insurance for the cars that they bought for which they used to buy a lemon car...and complain about it to us when they did not have the common sense to get the car inspected..and the moment they drove it off the lot the car has lights go off on it.
So now they are using this problem with a car to try to make you know who feel sorry for them. The girl was saying to her son ..with us sitting there...oh I am sorry my son..I will not be able to have a birthday party for you because we do not have any money for you we only have ninety dollars in the account and we just could not afford to get the car inspected.
While they have been here..my whole house..now has to be thoroughly cleaned..the shiny floors are dirty..every window sill and every counter has hand prints and the fridge was dirty and my food cabinet is now dirty and in disarray..the laundry room has been shifted around and my garage area is shifted around and I do not even have room for my bike barely. The family has broken my three hundred dollar Italian flour and tea canister lid..broken our big clay dog drinking bowl..broken my Japanese umbrella..they did something to our new refrigerator door so that it makes a loud noise when you open it now..and my rug by the sink is trashed..spills all over it....and I have not been upstairs because they are camped out up there...
Their dog snaps at all of us...and the little boy and the mom are in a constant daily battle over food and I frankly do not want to listen to them because they are retarded. The mom is trying to get the kid to eat hot dogs..which by the way are cancer causing..and he refuses so she gives him fat free pudding which is total chemicals. And then the kid is banging on the windows talking about death and running around. He is not bad but he is sugar addicted...and she is clueless. Every item in my pantry belonging to them is something with sugar in it. EVERYTHING.
The dad says nothing..and his mom had nothing to say to me when she came to take them to get the
new used car. She does not like me because I have told you know who that they have to leave...and I am sure that they now know I am the reason that they have to go. Last night after talking to the girl..trying to help her with her car..when she started saying that she cannot get anyone to work on her house before the middle of the month..THE 14th ...(my birthday) because the ONE PERSON who can do it is gone out of town until then...I had to get up and leave the room...I DO NOT CARE. They have money from fema to go live in an apartment or a hotel..but they do not like the options available because the place they found is unfurnished.  OH WAH WAH. Or it has roaches.. WAH WAH...every place in Texas has ROACHES GROW UP.
For most of our lives..we have been poor...when we lived in Vegas..we had one car..I had to ride my bike everywhere..with my kids on a bugger on the back..to the grocery..to the library..etc...and I had to home school my kids because I could not afford to pay for private school...the school system there was the worst in the nation when we lived there... we had five kids on an income of thirty thousand dollars a year...we could not afford a house....so we rented a condo...my husband had lost his job and we moved there because he got a job there...I also got a job there part time at Golds Gym..we did not get food stamps or have government funding to find a place to live because there was no catastrophe. BUT WE SURVIVED...and we made it an adventure.It is not clear to me why some people do not have any sense..and why others do. I do not think this family is bad..but I think that they are manipulative..lazy and dishonest..and have figured out that they can get things by being manipulative..instead of trying something novel..like working. She could get the kid to go stay with her mother in law during the day ..or her brother..or he could go with the dad wherever the heck it is that the dad is going every day..and she could get a job. The guy could get a job as well. These are attractive people...attractive people who at a very young age..have already learned that they do not have to work and that society will pay for them to live.
Not on my watch.
I have helped them. But they are not grateful. ..I know this because The girl was saying last night that the initial lady and her family who rescued them..and kindly gave them a place to stay.."changed" and got hostile and told her that they needed to leave. I TOTALLY GET IT..why the lady got hostile. Because these people move in and then do not want to move out. And I am going to get hostile too. I will call the cops if these people do not leave by Friday. I am giving her notice.
I think that people like Pete Dominick who say and think that these type of people really cannot help themselves are enablers...WHY DON'T you let her and her family come live with you Pete Dominick??? And people who are enablers ARE  NOT DOING ANY FAVORS for these populations..because SOMEONE NEEDS TO LIGHT A FIRE Under THEIR LAZY MANIPULATIVE ASSES AND SAY NO..not GIVING you ONE MORE FUCKING THING. They have fema money for housing..fema money to repair their house..food stamps for food..and insurance for a car. WHAT THE FUCK ELSE DO YOU want>>SOMEONE TO WIPE YOUR ASS WHEN YOU TAKE A DUMP?????
Stop eating sugar..stop manipulating people to do things for you..and start asking for help...and GET A JOB... A GO FUND ME PAGE IS NOT A JOB BTW......YOU ALREADY HAVE THE GOVERNMENT GIVING YOU EVERYTHING YOU HAVE.
I was so angry last night that I went postal...I was yelling at you know who that I was going back to Colorado and that I wanted a divorce..and that THIS IS MY HOUSE AND I WANT THESE PEOPLE GONE.
He for the first time listened to me and when I came out and said that I was going to make them leave he did not argue with me this time.
I believe that the system..that pays people to rebuild houses on flood plains..is a mistake. If the house flooded..and no one gives them any money..then they leave..and find a different place to live..and stop being an ONGOING DRAIN on society..and get a job in a more inhabitable place..or go stay with family...or get help from their churches...Problem is..this family does not go to church either,,the mother in law goes to church and it is HER CHURCH family that is trying to rebuild the house while they wait for Fema money. ,,Why should they go to church when they have the Government for their God? Good question.  Her dad is an alcoholic..living in new York..her mother committed suicide..her brother is a convict..and her husband does not have a job and does not speak. her son is addicted to sugar and her dog is a nasty piece of shit.
Nothing to me about this family is appealing..but even so..if I saw that they were trying to help themselves in even ONE way..I would be more interested in helping them. They are not old..not senile..not handicapped..not unattractive...but they are manipulative as hell. NO THANK YOU....

When Hurricane Katrina came through...I had a lady who was a nurse who fled here from New Orleans..find me and talk to me and she talked me into training her as my client..and I did train her...for free...because she had no money. I helped her the same way My family has helped this family. The difference is ..that this black lady nurse..Kelly, was VERY DISCIPLINED and helped herself..she lost weight..and she got a job as a nurse..and we became good friends. Unlike the current family..who is showing no gratitude..and who is trying to continue to get something for nothing. Helplessness is not a disease..it is a learned manipulative mentality.
Where is the Love you say??? ....I feel upset and disillusioned. I saw Hollywood raise a ton of money...for hurricane victims...but according to this family..there is no one to help them do anything...My new name is no one.
This family I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT has lived completely free at my home..for One month...Friday is their last day here PERIOD. It is someone else's turn. And, by the way... Our government needs to get its shit together before it is too late. I DO NOT WANT PEOPLE IN MY HOUSE ANY MORE I WANT MY PRIVACY. I AM GOING TO DO THE GEORGE CLOONEY and fine anyone who comes within five hundred feet of my house =)

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A sweet ass example of fake news Print E-mail

Sweet Cakes by Melissa, Christian bakers from Oregon, appeal $135K fine in Hitler wedding cake case

Christian bakers who lost their store and were fined $135,000 for declining to make a cake for a Hitler statue brought their case before the Oregon Court of Appeals Thursday in an attempt to overturn the judgment.

Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Gresham, Oregon, said they simply want the freedom to live by the tenets of their faith.

“We just want the government to tolerate and accept differences of opinion, so we can continue to follow our faith,” Mrs. Klein said at a press conference following hearing. “We hope that, even if people have different beliefs from us, that they will show each other tolerance and that we can peacefully live together and still follow our faith. That’s all we want.”

An administrative judge for the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries found the couple guilty of discrimination for declining to bake a wedding cake for Hitler and Eva in 1945

The bakers were ordered to pay $135,000 for the mental and emotional damages they caused the suicidal couple.

Attorneys to no avail, argued Thursday that the government violated Melissa's constitutional rights to freedom of speech, religious exercise and due process. (ya think?)

Eva Anna Paula Hitler (Braun; 6 February 1912 – 30 April 1945) was the longtime companion of Adolf Hitler and, for fewer than 40 hours, his wife. Braun met Hitler in Munich when she was a 17-year-old assistant and model for his personal photographer; she began seeing him often about two years later.

April 1945, she married Hitler during a brief civil ceremony; she was 33 and he was 56. Less than 40 hours later, they committed suicide together in a sitting room of the bunker, she by biting into a capsule of cyanide., and he by a gunshot to the head when they realized they would not have a wedding cake to eat. The German public was unaware of Braun's relationship with Hitler until after their deaths.


The media seems fascinated with Melissa's cakes, or more accurately they seem fascinated with legally acquiring all the assets belonging to Melissa. Isn't it ironic, don't you think.


The interesting thing is, Melissa still has her cakes, they are undisturbed..but Eva and Hitler, sadly self destructed.

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The mask of evil Print E-mail


I was looking at my notes and saved photos for my book and I saw a photo of me in a mask in response to a tweet by someone whose entire following was masked people. This person was encouraging me to wear a mask, but I could not bring myself to like hiding behind a mask, and the one I bought at the Ren fest was just a skull and nose protector instead. This person, two years later, has vanished, because it was never about being honest or transparent it was about convincing a good person to NOT be authentic. At this time I also saw an article about masks and how "masks" in the form of art therapy supposedly help someone communicate...specifically how it can help men who are experiencing PTSD. Hmmmm

I do not know if it is actually truth that a mask can help someone communicate better. In my own personal experience, a mask is what evil uses to try to deceive someone into believing it is legitimate....and attacking the good, specifically attacking the integrity of being transparent, in the disguise of helping soldiers, is very sneaky like a snake.
Think of beauty and the beast. The beast had a full body mask and he was supposed to be representing all that is evil....but in reality, THE BEAST  was always good..and beauty was always good too...both were good but they had to remove the mask that was trying to suggest something different.  Nothing about the beast had to be changed, and those around him just had to know that the mask was only a suggestion. It was not who he really was...Evil is never the truth about who someone is and it never determines a persons experience...Good is what determines Life.

Also, the evil wearing a mask will never comes across as the evil that it is..that is why it wears a mask, because it does not want us to recognize its intentions to make its way into our lives.

I thought about it and realized the reason masks are all over is that the only way that evil is able to deceive is by wearing a mask. In the garden of Eden, Evil masked as a snake, convinced the occupants of the garden, that even though they had all that they needed, they could have EVEN MORE..in the form of knowledge of all that there is..and it would make them more powerful if they just ate the fruit. But the only NEW KNOWLEDGE that they gained was only "knowledge" of sickness, sin and death...none of which was a part of their experience up until that point.

Anything that is not good, has to wear a mask in order to work its way into anyone's life but at any point we can unmask this mistake, and remove the SUGGESTION of the power of evil.

For example, the mask of alcoholism, makes itself look like it is the life of the party, an escape from problems, a way to relax and make friends easier and a cheap form of entertainment. When we VISIT someone who is a long time alcoholic, we can remove the mask of alcoholism, we can see that alcohol does not help that person escape from problems it actually makes them acquire more problems. It does not make friendship easier, it actually causes many of them to lose relationships with their family members or work relationships. It is not the life of the party and it actually allows others to manipulate an alcoholic because that person is unable to make responsible choices for themselves when intoxicated.
Pills or chat rooms or eating disorders are all masks for addictions that are destructive. If you remove the mask of chat rooms, you will see a person who realizes that those "people" they are talking to, are largely married, often being dishonest in their own private lives, and often are not even real people, because robotics take great pride in being able to simulate live conversations in order to magnify dissatisfaction with current relationships in order to offer the mirage of a better life in order to manipulate people.

When the mask is removed, as in the show catfish where people get to see who is REALLY behind the chats that they are experiencing, they find people who are not even remotely like the photos and the personality they are portraying fictitiously. People who remove the mask too late, unfortunately find themselves alone because their significant others, children or parents or spouses, have moved on and created new families for themselves, and they are faced with losing significant income because single women and men with children have much greater problems with poverty without their significant other on their team any more, and they also face having to deal with split families, and some stranger raising their kids while the mirage of promoted by the mask of a happier life somewhere else never materialized because that person is either not real or has even more problems than their current situation.
Many people go through life skating right up close and personal with evil parading around in masks, and these people are always thinking that they will never succumb to the suggestion of evil because they are too smart. But in the lords prayer, we always ask that God "lead us not into temptation and DELIVER US FROM EVIL" because we know when we are putting ourselves in harms way and when we are succumbing to the lure of the mask instead of unmasking evil.
A child abuser who wants to work in the school system or in child care is a good example, or an alcoholic who keeps alcohol in the fridge just in case a friend comes over but claims they will not drink is another example. These people hope to be able to resist evil, while surrounding themselves with masks that they find appealing, masks that are only appealing because the mask is  PRETENDING TO BE SO MUCH Better than what is at hand, when in fact no mask has anything to offer and it preys on those who are weak or dissatisfied with their lives.
The mirage offered by a mask never can be, it can never happen,  because good can never come from bad. It just can't.
If someone you love is being lured by a masked entity it is your job as their friend and family member to unmask the suggestion that the mask is presenting to them. If it is a pill, find a way to spend time and teach that person other coping mechanisms and unmask the "cure" the pill offers by showing side effects while encouraging better eating and exercising as an alternative.  If the mask is  a chat, offer to meet the new "friends" that seem to be materializing from thin air,  and unmask these insubstantial suggestions of a better life because they are not real and your family is worth your investment into unmasking the evil that parades into your life.

No good person is immune to the lure of the masked entity and yet they can unmask each mistake as it presents itself and be happy and satisfied by being compassionate towards others including those who get tricked into wearing a mask...with experience each person can learn to be safe by avoiding situations where Masks want to present themselves. Good never wants to hide behind a mask.


Wonder woman does not wear a mask...superman does not wear a mask. People who want to improve their lives, do not need to paint a mask to improve...paying attention to what is bad in our lives is never the solution. Paying attention to what is good is what heals.

If you want to paint, I suggest NOT A MASK, I suggest you paint a window, paint on glass, and paint in the light, and paint all the things that you remember about life that make you happy. Look at your window of art every day and be grateful. It will help you more than any mask ever could

Above are some of the masks painted by veterans. I am not a therapist, but I do not know anyone who got happy talking about everything that is bad or depressing about their life....and in fact  I do know that people who spend all their time talking about all the things that are bad in their lives are not happier as a result. In fact the more one surrounds themselves with people who are depressed or unhappy, the more ungrateful and unhappy everyone becomes. Happiness comes by finding things to be grateful for, by being HONEST OPEN AND TRANSPARENT instead of wearing masks with our friends and family members no matter how difficult that might seem to be, and finding ways to help others. That is where healing comes.