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"take me home, country road, to the place, where I belong"

I listened while a chorus of children's and mostly adult voices in the library story time sang this song, a favorite of my dads.
Dad loved John Denver, his music and his style, maybe it was because both of them were pilots and loved High flight.
My dad told me that Denver's songs were more of a spiritual prayer, rather than a literal statement.
I thought about that as I listened to the words.
I looked up the lyrics to the song country roads and decided to interpret them spiritually for myself, so that I would feel closer and more connected to my dad.

Almost heaven, West Virginia
Blue Ridge Mountains
Shenandoah River,
Life is old there
Older than the trees
Younger than the mountains
Blowin' like the breeze

(Heaven is having an understanding, Life is old there...Wisdom abides...age is significant of wisdom spiritually...Even more wise is creation, the spiritual force that creates mountains, and maintains a dynamic presence, like the wind in the trees...SPIRITUAL PRESENCE)

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong

(home is the place in MIND where you are completely understood. Communication is perfect. It is not about saying someone needs to go to a place in order to belong or about rejecting someone who does not fit in based on looks gender or creed, it is about knowing the definition of home as a spiritual place, arrived at in thought at any time in any location)

West Virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads

(Not a place out west, because west Virginia is east, not a person, but an idea of Motherhood, home, perfect communication and understanding, is the road-map that helps each person find home, It is as natural and uncomplicated as a country road or trail. )

All my memories gathered 'round her
Miner's lady, stranger to blue water

(Motherhood is the best human example of Home, Mother is one who tries to have complete understanding of her child...a miners lady is a lady who is valued and chosen by men, men who wish to have and own gold..But without realizing it, the mother and her Understanding of children is more valuable than the gold they seek...Miners, people who want to own or store or possess something of value, in the case of gold, they literally  stir up the water....so the ladies, the ones who share their opportunities in life might seem surrounded by the muddy water or drowning or at peril in it...might seem undervalued... and a  seeming solution might be to the miners lady to leave to attain blue water, or, another solution to attain blue water might be to, by our very lives and actions, remind those around her,  those who wish to own gold, own data, or own MATERIAL THINGS, to understand and realize that  what is actually gold, is spiritual intuition and communion)

Dark and dusty, painted on the sky
Misty taste of moonshine
Teardrops in my eye

(Expression of regret for mankind allowing or creating barriers to communication..that which is painted on the sky... That which is dishonest, that which has bad intentions, moonshine as in anything seemingly euphoric that is based on material effects as opposed to spiritual, intuitive and good.  moonshine abides in darkness, not in the light)

I hear her voice
In the mornin' hour she calls me
(Even in the busiest place, even very removed from all that seems to be nature, we are called to prayer...is as natural as the sunshine, as the light as day break, even on a rainy day..we are all aware of our calling to a higher level of thought, communication and inspiration)

The radio reminds me of my home far away
(Music on the radio, an electronic reminder of the original sound of music...Music, goodness, innocence, kindness, intangibles, is how mankind has communioned with spiritual thoughts and ideas that lift, and breathe life into tired flawed humanity, in the light not darkness, with uplifting words not silence)

And drivin' down the road I get a feelin'
That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday

(An awareness is all that is needed to improve mankind, a desire to be more spiritual, more willing to bring about improved communication. Not perfection, but improvement...in order to feel home, a spiritual thought destination within each of us, and each of us is driving, or in control of our direction and what we pay attention to. We must look within)

My dad understood, it was not the music we listened to, but the inspiration and HEART that we derived from listening to it that was important. It was not the work that we did, each of us, but that we did out best and that we had passion for what we believed in...it was not to find the people we fit in with that was our purpose in life, it was to be able to communicate with those who we did not understand at all, and help them find a tiny piece of Love in our presence...individually, that was our purpose in life, our communion with Spirit. My dad was a master at that.

The paintings and the passionate art, by Carl Ortman

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CHILDLIKE behavior Print E-mail



June 9 2017
I am sitting on my patio and the baby is sitting in the inflatable float I got her,
sitting in it on the concrete the same way that a little cat likes to sit in a box.
She just knows it is her little chair and she is happily sitting in it beside the
baby pool, eating grapes and cheese and crackers for breakfast...listening to the
birds, mimicking the dogs next door barking and smiling at me as I write.

I was thinking about how peaceful babies are. They do not worry about what people
think of them and they do not worry about who they should love or not love.
Earlier I had been thinking about myself, and how difficult it is to get along with
some people, so when frustrated about my own seeming inability to find solutions to
hard problems, I naturally try to turn away and see the idea of mankind in its original state,
pure, innocent and free like the baby in front of me.

I believe that we all SHOULD treat our neighbors as ourselves, just like babies do,
but what if you really do not like that person or what if that person seems like they
really do not like you?

Many times I find myself starting off with great intentions to live peacefully with
others only to find myself feeling manipulated or taken advantage of. And then, When
I start to feel this way, I do not feel happy, and then often I react negatively and
end up fracturing relationships with other people.

I do not want to do this but sometimes it feels like I cannot help how I feel and so
I feel trapped in these situations.

When I am NOT feeling trapped, I can sometimes acknowledge the good in the very
people who are on occasion irritating or difficult to me. But I have to be in a good
A good mental place.

So I know I can change how I perceive someone because I am able to do it when I am
calm and happy and feel peaceful...how do I become an infant, peaceful in my thought?
The challenge IS to feel peaceful and happy and calm in the midst of feeling trapped
or irritated or taken advantage of. Logically if a person can do something when they
are calm, then it is INDEED something that can be done. I realize that many times I
excuse my own "not stellar" behavior by saying that I cannot help how I feel.

But is that in fact the truth? Each of us is in charge of our emotions. We teach
babies not to hit and we teach preschoolers not to hurt other children...we expect THEM to be in charge of THEIR emotions..so shouldn't we also do the same?  We teach them
coping mechanisms for anger or bullying. And these techniques vary from parent to
parent, but we always assume that children can be taught how to maintain harmony and
peace, even at a very young age.

It is important right? To be able to work seamlessly with others who might be vastly
different from us in their life choices or in their appearance or in their behavior?

The more we can do that, the more we can experience joy and PEACE. And expressing joy I believe is the ultimate purpose of our experience here in the material world, to use joy to
show love and tolerance and acceptance.

It would be nice and certainly much easier, if we could predict others behavior and be around only those who agree with us, support us and nurture us. But the very unique life expressions surrounding us are the VERY forces that help us to grow and develop our spiritual qualities and gifts.
The secret is to find strategies to keep us optimizing the good in our thoughts..and
dismissing the bad so we can express joy.
Babies are happy because they do not think about things that are bad.

The baby was in the bath and she was doing things to make me laugh. She was splashing first and laughing gleefully as I laughed with her. Then she discovered the curtains hanging down, and even though I said no, she cheerfully grabbed them and yanked them hard trying to pull them down and then looked around at me to see if I was watching and then chortled a gleeful laugh again. She did not know the difference between splashing water and pulling the drapes, one as being bad and one as being good because she was just continuing a relationship with  me of communicating joy. Pure joy, not disobedience or anger or naughtiness because the baby has no bad intentions and only expresses curiosity and interest it its own unique way, different from every other beautiful life expression.

I have discovered that our own personal experiences, are like those of the baby and as we grow, they are strongly influenced by what we spend time on in our thought. So when we are irritated, we have stopped expressing interest and curiosity and are now harboring ill will and thinking about hurt and pain.. so it helps instead of mentally rehashing what was done to upset us, we can spend time thinking of the good that certain people represent and make their behavior IMPERSONAL, in our thought. Each person we meet is struggling with things we do not know about or may not understand and what seems like a personal attack, almost never is.  Some individuals have physical problems and when we recognize that struggle of theirs, we can be grateful that we do not have these issues. Some have emotional problems based on years of trauma..and we can recognize that maybe we are in their experience to be the very tonic that they need in their lives..our smiles, our talents, our recognition. We can be the light of the world, instead of contributing to the darkness of misunderstanding, abuse, and

We have the freedom to choose how we are going to act, and react to others in the world.
My dad used to say that we each have freedom, as long as our freedoms do not infringe
on the rights of others.
It helps me, when looking at privacy invasion to see myself as connected to others,
including those who would take advantage of me or hurt me. I have learned that such
behaviors which appear to infringe on MY PERSONAL FREEDOMS and happiness and joy, seem to happen mainly where other people have been deprived of THEIR deserved love or attention..and such my reaction to their negative behaviors only damages that persons relationship with the world more and minimizes my ability to be a light or to bring healing.

To me it is exciting to see if I can be the person who can be the antidote for people
who feel isolated...just by being my best self. WE are not expected to be someone we
are not..but who is it that we are? Are we looking for the good expecting to find it or are we looking for the bad expecting to find it. If we see bad inadvertently, how are we using that experience to bring healing? Do we have things to be thankful for? Can we share that feeling of gratitude with others?

For me personally,
Sometimes it is hard to be grateful when I know people are hacking into my private life..and using it for an agenda or for profit.I feel victimized and taken advantage of..as well as isolated from others who cannot see what I can see. I feel angry towards those who seem to be against me.
How can I deal with this?
First I realize that because I am not God I cannot see everything and understand the tapestry of his plan for mankind. But when I trust him, I can try to find compromise  or acceptance of the current situation...because I can see the spiritual man as whole, pure and good. I can forgive that things that APPEAR to be against me, and dismiss the things that SEEM to be selfish or not in MY PERSONAL best interests..and find some common ground that I can be grateful for, such as intelligence, or humor or shared interests. Relationships are the essence of Life and should be treasured and nurtured...and it is a constant growth process. Sometimes this means putting our own interests on the back burner to share something with another person and THEIR interests. It means listening when you feel like talking. It means agreeing that you hear another person, even if you believe that they are wrong. Just allowing them to voice their feelings can make the difference between salvaging a relationship or ending it.
Even just being courteous can make the difference. There is NEVER going to be that person who agrees with everything you say or do, and who says all the right things and does all the things you like. That is why there is God...because HIS words are always lifting us up and helping us nurture ourselves so we can be strong enough to nurture others..even the hardest person in the world to nurture.
I have heard so many people say "I am going to LOVE ME FIRST" because if I love Me then I will not have to worry about anyone else. This is a misguided statement..because first we are taught to LOVE GOD..and with that love, comes a natural love for all mankind..his creation..and a selflessness that allows us to help heal the hurt in the world caused by selfishness, misunderstandings and a focus on the material.
My advice?
In order to love yourself MORE, take the time to do at least ONE THING COMPLETELY for the benefit of someone else..WITHOUT any compensation, recognition or reward. When you do this..you will start to understand what I am saying about Love and getting along in relationships...and happiness..and being more childlike.

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One mind Print E-mail

Sir you know bout God above
Such Love was restored for somebody like you

Go on now follow his lead
You aint crazy  So Remind me
Say Girl words dont say enough
grab your jam and put that music on me
come on now follow HIS lead
Come on now follow his lead

Good love is for the spirit of you

and it  pushes  real love on through
And     One heart defines us too

its  a love with out DNA

Every night God is in my room

and my thoughts are like his too
Everyday discovering whats really true
Its a love without DNA
oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
its a love without DNA
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Its a love without DNA

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

Its a love without DNA

everyday discovering whats really true
Its a love without DNA

One weak flame so the story begins
and   we going in to change our fate

You and me so happy can we share what we dont eat
Empty our bag so we   can make  an extra plate
Our Prayers are  hours among the flowers
One with God is doing great
Never leave but Driving home with a gospel beat

Or dance in the streets while the children wait

And my spirits like

Sir you know bout God above
Such Love was restored for somebody like you

Go on now follow his lead
You aint crazy  So Remind me
Say Girl words dont say enough
grab your jam and put that music on me
come on now follow HIS lead
Come on now follow his lead

Good love is for the spirit of you

and it  pushes real love on through
And     One heart defines us too

its  a love with out DNA

Every night God is in my room

and my thoughts are like his too
Everyday discovering whats really true
Its a love without DNA
oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
its a love without DNA

For Ed Sheeran ..Fight for REAL love

Around the Kitchen Table Print E-mail



My dad used to tell us stories when I was a little girl. He would make up stories..like the story he made up about the miniature Indians who got shot to the moon on a giant arrow and he had us draw a picture of it like the one below which I drew, and he used to read and act out stories in books, such as the story of the little match girl and the story of gunga din, and he used to tell us things that happened to him in real life, but made these events into a story to teach us at night when he was home for dinner which my momma always cooked for us.


One time I remember my dad came home from the gas station where he worked for his dad. He had us five girls, a rapt audience whenever he would talk to us....covered with black soot and dirt from delivering oil to our neighbors to heat their house. He sat us down round the kitchen table and started to tell us the story of what happened that day.


He made us feel like we were always a part of his day, like when he went out and found us round flat smooth rocks so we could paint on them, and when he took them to the gas stationso we could try to make money selling our art rocks...while at home our mom was teaching us to cook her peach pie or sew a dress for prom.

He kept us involved on the weekends too, Like when he gave us jobs at the gas station running the register, in trade for letting us sell our art. We learned by doing things with my dad. We learned things by listening to my dad. We stayed close to my dad up until  the last moment when he was in that plane crash....


These are my paper dolls from childhood, including the plane I made for my dad to fly in ....

On this particular day, as we sat around the table, my dad told us his story as he thoughtfully chewed the toast and fried eggs and bacon my mom had made..a breakfast for dinner meal.
He told us that there was a man sitting on the side of the road, my dad did not specify age or race or creed. He just said it was a poor man sitting by the side of the road, with a sign that "anything will help".

My dad said that he thought about it and decided to not just drive on by. He stopped and asked the guy if he would like to have a job. The guy said yes and hopped into the vehicle with my dad and got taken to the gas station where my dad employed his own kids on the weekends..my dad wanted us to all do what we wanted in life..said we were just as good as the guys and could do whatever we tried hard enough to do...He wanted to try to help this man, this stranger, also do the best he could do as well.

My dad said that he told the guy he would pay him at the end of the day what the minimum wage was, and that all the guy had to do was help customers pump the gas. He said that the guy went outside and my dad said he was inside doing office work. My dad paused when telling the story for emphasis. He asked us HOW LONG did we think that the guy stayed out there helping with the pumps...and we all shouted out our thoughts.
My dad shared that the guy come in within fifteen minutes asking for a soda and a snack. My dad gave him the soda and the snack and encouraged him to get out there and do a good job so that my dad could hire him permanently.
My dad used to tell us all that it did not matter what we did, so long as we did it the best we could do. He said that if a person loves what they do, they will be good at it and will be compensated a worthy amount. He said that we each need to be patient.
So my dad was having fun telling us this story and keeping us in suspense.  We sat at the table and listened and found out that at the end of the story, my dad told us  that the man had kept coming back into his office every few minutes and eventually demanded he get paid for the work he had done and then walked off the job after only a few hours.

My dad explained that he had learned something by doing this simple act of kindness, he had learned that some people do not want to do anything for themselves and that the man really did not WANT to work. He talked to us then  about the work ethic, and what it means to work hard and he explained to us  about how people sometimes pretend that they are having a bad time and that they just cannot get a job, and that it is completely dishonest to pretend to be helpless when in fact you are competent.  He explained that the man was able bodied, and my dad said that he did not require any criteria from the man other than he be willing to help the customers pump gas. And yet the man could not do even that small job for more than a few hours without going back to asking for handouts.

My dad wanted his girls to have a good work ethic. He was very careful to make sure that as kids, we had chores to do, we had to get good grades in school, and we got spanked when we did not do what we were supposed to do.

Like my dad, my mom made sure that we had opportunities to work as volunteers as well, in areas where we did NOT get paid, so we would appreciate helping others who needed our help..such as working as candy stripers, participating in the legion of Mary and book clubs, and participating in girl scouts and going to visit ladies in nursing homes and in the mental health care facilities in the tiny town we lived in.

My parents even helped sponsor a student from Chile, Maria Elena, and we had girls from an orphanage Holly and her sister, come stay with us over the Easter holidays so they would not be without a family on Easter.

But my parents were very particular and carefully aware of the environment we were surrounded by, they knew each our friends and supervised our neighbors kids playing at our house, and they rarely let us go to other peoples homes for sleepovers or parties unless the families went to our church and were well known by my parents such as Marie Louise Joseph. My parents knew her parents well, who were from Lebanon, and they let my sister go spend the night with their family, but that was an exception to the rule. I was allowed to spend time with my friend Susan Cole and my other friend Mary Hillary Todd and my best Friend JoAnn. All these girls were my growing up friends.

As I think back to my dad, I find myself very much aware of the present, and find myself wondering what my dad would think about things today in the world with families and Love and Order and Harmony.

My mom was the soul of our family and my dad was the heart. The soul did not have to be afraid and the heart did not have to be reckless...both worked together as a team to preserve the innocent thoughts of the children in the family..and in fact we are all children are we not?...just like his dad and mom did before him, and their mom and dad did before them.

My relatives worked the land..so did I as a child, I worked looping tobacco in North Carolina..and It taught me to appreciate the land.


My parents loved and encouraged individual expression of innocent thoughts...such as the paper above that I wrote in elementary school.

Our family was loving toward others, but  it was natural because we started from within. We were loving to others naturally as an expression of gratitude for our own family love that we were more than willing to share.
Our love did not ever require others to feel the same way or do the same things. We did not ever force others..we offered when we felt we might have something to offer.
But our family was strong, even when there were fights and difficulties. We still loved our parents and wanted their approval.

As a parent myself I have learned that our loved ones will go down many different paths, and it is the love we express towards them, the honest affection and appreciation, that brings them home to us for our continued interactions. Not guilt, not deprivation, not punishment. We were punished as kids when our behavior was life threatening, such as playing with electric plugs or running in the parking lot..and we were loved expansively. I remember getting pinned with a beautiful orchid each year as a reminder that even this little girl was loved because my daddy wanted all his babies to have a corsage for a special day even when we were broke.

My dad would never have taken us all dressed up in our church dresses and wide brimmed hats, to eat breakfast as a family in a place where people were serving soup along with pornography. And he would have never taken us to a library where we were reading about murder, suicide and death, because he and my mom supervised the books we read in the reading programs at the library to ensure we were thinking lifted bright beautiful thoughts.


My parents were very aware that the environment that children are surrounded by greatly influence their outcomes as adults, not just their physical environment, because we were really poor growing up, but their mental environment.

My dad taught us to share, to save, to sweat, to speak softly, to sleep deeply because of a clean conscience and to sing. He was not the same religion as my mom but he eventually converted to her religion and he wanted us to understand God and he did a lot of study on that subject....as do many dads I know.


Thought that is lifted has the ability to lift other thoughts..and thought that is depressed seems to have the ability to depress other thoughts. So my dad, who was the king of lifting people up and being optimistic, used his philosophies and discussion to keep us all moving in a positive direction while reaching out along the way when it was appropriate to help others.

Which brings me to thinking about France, and Germany, and Europe and all the problems that are being encountered in these countries all their families, and the surrounding countries such as the people of war torn Syria and other countries and all their families and children. I have friends who lived next door to me in Nevada who were from Syria. They appreciated my friendship, and we did many things as neighbors, but as their children grew older, they wanted them to wear the traditional dress of Syria and wanted them to grow up in THEIR country. They moved back to Syria.
They believe fundamental things differently than my family does and they do not want their kids to become homogenized by our ways which they feel are liberal and wrong and that is why they moved out of the United States. It did not hurt my feelings that they wanted their family to learn THEIR values..I appreciated that about them and they appreciated that about us.



In this country, People like me believe that those fighting in their homelands, have chosen by their behavior to put their loved ones at risk, subjecting their homes to destruction and refusing to use words or other means to rectify problems...which is unfortunate but truth. Suicide bombings, and other extreme measures are not unheard of in these lands and this is a fundamental thing that is still different about us from them and separates our worlds in more ways than just physically. It is not where our bodies are that determines out lives, it is where our Minds are, as I was taught by my dad.
The ones who are fleeing from the war in their homelands, are often the very same families of those who are continuing to war..and their wish is not to fit into other societies by fleeing, it is to maintain and grow their culture in fresh territories. It is a fact that even small children still  bring with them, a culture of their own imprinted on them by family, that includes in many ways a much different way of interacting than what we now rely on in western culture...It is wisdom to consider this difference in thought when we as families have our own children to raise and love and teach.


The tolerance and kindness that we are expected to extend to these cultures, is often not reciprocal and they do not view us as family.  And in my opinion, as a result It is not tolerance or intelligence that is being demonstrated by our citizens or the citizens of other peaceful countries, to continue to view this solution as workable, when war is being thrust upon our family. A country is still an extension of family just a more expansive version of family in its most intimate and perfect harmonious form and needs to be respected and trusted. Home is where the heart is,

unless those entering our homes have no interest in our hearts and just want our heads instead..on a stick....=( No thank you.

When there was a flood, and Katrina victims were looking for places to have a home, the people of Houston were not Forced to take in these refugee people. But many families volunteered to care for many of them and their children who needed a place to stay. This was not even a time of war, it was a time of emergency for many, but skeptical families still had the responsibility to maintain a pure thought environment for their kids, and be careful about intruding any element that could bring into the family drugs or hate or abuse which is understandable, wise, and responsible.


My dad and mom were very responsible and caring parents and they helped strangers as often as they could..but the way that they helped the world the most was by taking an active interest in the thoughts and activities of their CHILDREN...and were very invested and worked hard to help us achieve our full potential.

Most people i feel sure would not invite a complete stranger to live long term in their home, if they knew the stranger had cruel intentions  and wanted to hurt or take advantage of a family member, and yet Jesus walked among us as a stranger. Jesus wanted us to assume that not every stranger might has bad intentions. This can be done without harm to family  using wisdom and can be done responsibly using the fathers love and the mothers soul. For example, I had volunteered my home during Katrina for any girls under the age of twelve that might need a stable home, since I had girls that age myself.
I feel like those who are able, reach out. Those who can help DO help. But everyone should not be forced to help. And when those who are helping become victimized by the very population that they are helping, it is time to reach for deeper understanding..a more spiritual approach..that has nothing to do with where someones BODY is living...know what I mean jellybean?

Understanding perhaps that these cultures WANT help to be stable in their own environment, not blended into ours.
They do not want to be french or German or Swedish. They want to be Syrian or other cultures that reflect THEIR heritage..infinite individuality created by God.
It is not wisdom to provide shelter for those who choose to dismantle their own homes with bombs and destruction.
To Live Harmoniously, is to reflect Peace and Joy, and does not require that mothers of families in any peaceful environment solicit violence or force homogeny from aggressive or hostile populations . I  sometimes wish, like my parents back in the day, that I had the less complicated life my dad and my mom had...a lasting marriage and respectful relationships, kids growing up learning skills and having time in nature, without computers or phones or social media. I am in a different day and time but some things are still the same, the beaches, sunsets, great meals with family, and church on Sunday.

In this new time and era, coming from a place of Love, I have invited the stranger into my home many times and I do not regret it It has changed my life though and some of the changes are not ideal. But that stranger, each time has felt like a soulmate, and I saw the light in their eyes and I trusted God. I am doing the best I can with MY life today, and moving forward still with good intentions, but I would never wish to imply that my way is ideal way and in fact I encourage wisdom with regards to strangers in our midst. I know we can learn from our experiences and I have learned more and my kids  have learned as well and I do believe looking back, that they were given the best environment I could give them because I did not invite strangers into my home until they were almost out of my home. I currently hope to help them give THEIR KIDS a great environment as well and find better solutions to the world problem.

The best way to do this

I believe

is by starting with family, mom, dad, brothers and sisters...and expand, lovingly from this base...

. My thoughts...happy mothers day...

Below, a photo of me during the ice storm when my family invited the entire block of neighbors into our home because we had such an old house there were fireplaces in every room.

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The ice is not melting Print E-mail

The ice is not melting..frozen in SPIRITUAL thinking =)

march 27 2017
there are two stories in the news on the today show and on GMA..and one is about this woman who wants to be black but she is white  http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/02/26/rachel-dolezal-white-woman-who-identifies-as-black-now-jobless-may-soon-be-homeless.html...and the other is about a woman who thinks she has a rare gene that will identify cancer.
this first woman...who says she identifies in her mind as black..is being attacked as being a fraud...but people who identify as being male..when they are female..or being female when they are male..are being accepted....by society. The agenda to not put labels on people is to ALSO have an agenda..to defeat the belief of white supremacy? (according to this woman who is white but says she is black)
So...there is nothing but an alternate agenda..also for power and control. Which is no different of an agenda than what the whites are accused of wanting.
But gays say it is not an agenda, they say from birth a person can be different on the inside than they appear on the outside...Lets take it a step farther. If it is truth..that someone can look one way but be someone completely different inside..why dont we put that subject into a more useful context..such as the context of health.
If a person is told by twenty three and me..or by a SPECIFIC GENE..which was the focus of the woman in the other story..that they are almost for SURE going to be sick...because they have been IDENTIFIED with the GENE label of CANCER...why cant that person be able to say that they instead identify with HEALTH..and that their BELIEFS and what is in their MIND directing their feelings and their behaviors will also ultimately direct their outcome and produce health. Why is society only interested in beliefs that seem to produce a mistake instead of beliefs that seem to produce health, happiness and harmony?
IS there power in keeping the masses sick and bereft of hope? What is this power and why is it not disputed because THE POWER to make someone believe they are sick is quite some power isn't it?

I remember this spoof on a product to help a person find out of their spouse was cheating and the product could be poured in the toilet and if the water turned blue, when their spouse peed in the toilet, then that person was a "cheater". When asked about the product, the creator said that it did not matter what the person who was peeing had in their pee, there was no chemical and the water always just turned blue, because  the only thing that mattered was that the other person already saw them as a cheater if they put the product in the toilet. The unsuspecting spouse was already CONVICTED by the beliefs of the other person.To use our beliefs to CONVICT any innocent person with OUR SUSPICIONS or any suggestions from others to accuse them of cheating, or to see them as  sick, diseased or anything else that is not good for them is a HUGE GIGANTIC mistake..and also called mental malpractice.

there is no healing that can happen when we are  listening to SICKNESS, disease or a mistake of any kind.

This is quite logical..however most of us let FEAR..which is FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL...dictate our ultimate choices. But if a person thought LOGICALLY instead of emotionally..they would realize..that if one plus one does not equal three..and it does not equal seven and it does not equal 1000, there are an infinite number of ways to make a mistake in adding one plus one...and then suffer the mathematical consequences of such a mistake...
but no matter how many of such answers a person believes might be the truth..they are still a mistake and the only power of correct math comes with an answer that says  one plus one equals two. PERIOD. Any other answer to that equation is a lie. It is false.

To believe anything else other than health about our BEING..is to join forces with one of a million other lies that float around in the universe and this one is the lie called Cancer. Like math, none of these lies have any power unless you believe them and operate on the assumption that they are accurate. Cancer wooooooo....lol... It has not been eradicated because it is profitable for people and useful in controlling those who are a threat. But it is still a lie and cancer has no power other than the power we give it with our thoughts and with our fear.

If it were truth..that cancer was correct..would you want to let it take away your joy..your choices..your TRUTH that you hold close to your heart? NO you would not...because that which is CORRECT produces GOOD results...not bad ones.  That which you give priority in your thinking is that which becomes your experience. I had a friend who was married to someone who appeared to be the biggest asshole on the planet..she was also told she had cancer... I believe that the cancer that she was believing was that she could not walk away..without trying to take away any of his money...THEIR Money..for herself...but that if she could, she could be rid of the cancer. But she could not bring her self to walk away because she believed she needed what he had..not just his money but his love. I believe that even after he left her destitute, and took everything of value from her, she was still able to see the good in this man and to love him in spite of how he treated her. And because of the LOVE that she expressed she got what she really needed which was friends in her life..and people who loved her and knew who she really was..despite what outwardly seemed to be a physical problem, it was actually a distortion of the Love equation..and she had many many friends. Those relationships that are loving..that are kind, that are giving..those IDEAS CAN HEAL cancer. But it starts with thinking about HEALTH not about disease.
It is just that simple. THE TRUTH,  CAN DO THE IMPOSSIBLE.
I am not telling anyone that doctors are bad or telling them what they should do ...I am just telling whoever is interested, that the BEST WAY I KNOW OF to heal any problem is a spiritual approach, that recognizes the lies and CLINGS steadfastly to TRUTH... And I have seen it work over and over and over.
IF the world does not have a problem when a person can identify as female when they are male, or if they can identify as black when they are white..
they can also and MORE IMPORTANTLY the world should NOT HAVE A PROBLEM when any person begins to dentify themselves as WHOLE, complete, HEALTHY and well...instead of as sick, diseased, or full of mistakes.
it is a choice ...what we choose to keep in our thought. We get to decide..and we get to live the consequences of our choices.  23 and me? Gene predictions of disease...SUGGESTIONS HAVE NO POWER UNLESS WE LISTEN TO THEM.
When we get on a higher plane of thought than just the color of our skin or the shape of our genitals, we can actually make a difference in the world with suffering, and pain and bring about healing...a lost element, from Jesus time.

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