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When did "sexy" become a "bad" word?

01 I have been a personal fitness trainer my whole life and have always believed that women want to be fit, toned, lean AND sexy. Sexy is a Natural thing for men and women. Apparently there are people out there who want to take all the "interet traffic" aimed at valid businesswomen such as myself, and funnel it into other key words that take you to websites that devalue, demean and degrade women. Such a person is not a peson who appreciates the natural sexiness of a real woman but rather uses the slimiest of internet traffic tactics to accomplish two things..devalue and demean a woman (who has had five kids, believes in God, goes to church and loves her family..JUST because she uses FREE videos on the internet to promote fitness and healthy lifestylle) AND the second thing they accomplish is to MAKE MONEY..
The KEY word there is FREE...these "adult content" sites are making money from all the MEN who go there hoping to find whatever it is men are hoping to find..BUT GUESS WHAT ITS NOT THERE!. The way they are making money is because these adult content sites are NOT FREE...hmmmm if I was trying to make money with my videos...I would CHARGE for them. MINE ARE FREE!! WHOEVER IS MAKING MONEY BY CHARGING FOR THIS is who all sexy women out there should ban against, because not only are they making money on these sites, they are then making money by selling to women, internet services that women have to PAY A LOT OF MONEY for to take the bad content and push it away from their own sites.
 Or, according to the advide I have been given, you can take all your stuff back off the internet and then people will leave you alone. The LAST TIME I LOOKED THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY AND WOMEN STILL HAVE THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. Sexy is NOT a bad word and in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA I thought women could WEAR WHAT THEY CHOOSE without discrimination???? For the record, sexy women who want to learn to pole dance are all ALL OVER THE WORLD at fitnesss classes everywhere...they are not "bad" because they like feeling "sexy" AND they are smart enough to see when one woman is being STRONG ARMED and they WILL DO something about it..

.. Oh and guess what? Women can be "sexy" and still go to church..it s ok to dress in "sexy" clothes and that does not mean you are inviting "rape" What kind of backwards, unchristian mentality is it that would punish a leader in the fitness community, a mom of five kids, and an independent thinker by associating her with "adult" content sites? It is not an attack on me, it is an attack on the freedom of CHOICE against ALL WOMEN. I offer good information to women about how to shed body fat, how to have a fit toned body and I think my body shows it. I offer this advice on my website and on my videos FOR FREE.
The sites claiming to have photos of lonely women whose husband is away are making lots of money on poor desperate men looking for" love on a link" and MY PHOTOS are NOT there. I post photos all the time but mine are never going to contain adult content. I am on twitter and youtube and I have a website. I can only physically train a few individuals at a time and since I am writing a book my time is even more limited. Think about it..if you click on a site that has "adult" content, you are promoting the further attack on REPUTABLE women...and you will incur the cost..not me!!
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