Citiflex Training Testimonials
I would like to individually thank each of the Houston and The Woodlands  and Austin personal training clients shown here, who have graciously offered their personal training results photos and comments about my work as a fitness coach and personal trainer, so others may also benefit. The photos and comments you see here are from men and women in Houston and other cities who have lost weight and who have given their express permission for use on the Citiflex Houston Personal Training website.


The Woodlands Texas Professional Skydiver Scott Print E-mail

"I hired Melissa as my personal trainer in The Woodlands because she said she would develop a program based on my requirements, unlike other personal trainers that I talked to in The Woodlands, who wanted me to fit into one of their programs.  I presented her with a challenge - I'm 52 years old, and I wanted to improve my quickness, agility, and explosiveness.  I compete with, and against, men and women who are often half my age, and I needed all the advantage I could get.  And after 8 weeks of very exhausting, challenging, and rewarding workouts, I am very satisfied that the program that she developed not only met, but exceeded, my expectations.  Her expertise and professionalism are of the highest quality, and I look forward to working with her again."  Scott, Professional Skydiving Instructor in The Woodlands Texas


Scott of The Woodlands Texas is and continues to be an exceptional athlete in every sense before and during the time I worked with him. He has a great intensity about him that propels him through some of the most grueling workouts that The Woodlands Personal trainer Melissa could deliver, and his endurance, speed, stamina, and quickness improved markedly as we progressed.  Scott was very interested in learning how to maintain his fitness and was receptive to the eating suggestions Personal Trainer Melissa made as well as kept detailed logs of his progress with workouts and eating. The Woodlands Personal Trainer Melissa finds it exciting that it is always the individuals like Scott, who are willing to commit to consistency in their workouts and nutrition, and are also always the ones who are very successful with their results.  Scott even had an abdominal injury to deal with during the training but was able to follow an intelligent recovery plan and was back in action with almost no down time to his hectic work and skydiving schedule. Scott enjoys traveling  all over the country to do advanced skydiving instruction in wind tunnels from California to Florida, and has also done skydiving stunts as well for major motion pictures. The Woodlands Scott is very competent and is one of the best in his field of skydiving and aerial stunts with skydiving.

In these Photos, The Woodlands, Texas  Skydiving Instructor Scott is in Red.
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Dawn of Tomball Texas area Happy with weight loss Print E-mail
Meet Dawn, married mom of two small boys who has worked hard to lose twenty five pounds. Dawn is a happy person and her weight loss journey has been exciting and fun and full of laughs. Dawn lives north of Tomball in a beautiful lake front home and has a busy life taking care of her husband and boys and working full time as a manager of many Texas apartment properties. She has little extra time but was very committed to making a change in her life and she was able to fit in five workouts a week including running at the beach,  joining Golds gym to do off day workouts and scouring recipie books for new food ideas that she could enjoy with her family without sabotaging her improved eating for fitness. 
Dawn even gave up her weekend drinks with her friends to speed up her weight loss and has seen MAJOR improvement in her muscle tone, her abs and her legs. She began her workout routines with Personal Trainer Melissa and has continued to progress with Tomball personal trainer Heather. Dawn looks completely different and is thrilled with her results. She has learned new eating habits that match her tastes and yet helps her to feel better. She is enjoying shopping for new clothes and plans to lose another ten pounds.


"I have absolutely LOVED training Dawn and I wish every lady who wanted to lose weight was as committed as she has been. Dawns' eating was perfect and she came to every workout with energy and enthusiam and she was organized but was able to have fun! She is an amazing woman!" says her Houston Personal trainer Melissa.



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Samantha of West Houston still losing weight Print E-mail
sam_front_smallerweightloss_twoSam shown here before from the front
Sam shown here from the front after

sambacksmallerweightloss_foursam shown here from the back before and on the right..after.

Samantha has eaten properly and exercised SOOO hard to lose her weight and has lost approximately 45 pounds so far and it SHOWS. As a personal trainer who has worked out with many clients, Samantha has truely been a pleasure to do personal training with and is a "one of a kind" client and Melissa is grateful to have worked with her.
Her self discipline is amazing and her hard work ethic is energizing, plus she has a happy upbeat personality and a great sense of humor and an amazing voice when she starts singing with the music during workouts. ;) .
samantha_black_dress She has an unbelievably "can do" attitude that pushes her through tough workouts and boring menu's, and when her friends are going out and drinking and watching tv, she is still keeping up with her program.
Samantha has the strong desire to succeed and is willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen, but at the same time, she does it with grace, consideration for others and determination.
Raising a small son and taking care of her husband and a full time job are also part of her daily acticities. Samantha has only rescheduled one workout in four months and has done every other workout Personal Trainer Melissa? has asked her to do. She has bought her own equipment so she can continue to do these workouts she has learned on her own. Whoever gets to know this amazing lady in the future will benefit from her loyalty as a friend and her discipline and strength of character.
melissa_and_samantha Samantha and her Houston Personal Trainer Melissa? worked out twice a week together and Sam worked out three more times a week on her own as part of her successful weight loss and toning program. She now has about fifteen more pounds to lose.

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Personal training and workout client Monique, Sugarland Texas Print E-mail

These amazing photos of Monique do not need many words to describe them. You can see for yourself the difference seventeen pounds makes in the way a person looks and feels. Monique was VERY determined to achieve the goals we set and she was very consistent in eating more vegetables and fruits and eliminating fried foods and high calorie snacks and desserts. This workout client shown below liked making the chicken tortilla soup for lunch and liked the strawberry crepes Personal trainer Melissa taught her to make because they are delicious and filling and low calorie.


Monique walked and ran during her "off" days and her husband helped initially by watching one of the twins before he went off to spring training for football out of town.
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Tomball Texas, Personal training client Cristina Print E-mail

Thank you...Thank you......for teaching me all that you could about nutrition, dieting, exercising and just how to live a healthy life in a fun way! I really have never been a big person. I was 140 pounds when my husband and I started our family in Tomball Texas and I had no idea what pregnancy does to your body as far as weight gain. I will never forget the day that I gave birth to my son and I felt so SKINNY again..... but man did I have a rude awakening when I went to put on my fasted jeans and they didn't fit. WOW, what a bad feeling that was. I didn't have a clue how I was going to get all that weight off and get back to my 140 small self.
I was working in mortgage lending and had to work many long hours, SO I hired personal trainer Melissa to come into my home, which saved me time,and help me get that body I loved back!
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The Woodlands personal trainer client Sarah Print E-mail
sarah_before sarah_back_beforeBEFORE

Sarah of The Woodlands Texas area,
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Spring Personal Training client Lidia Print E-mail
Hi PERSONAL TRAINER MELISSA! You might wonder the reason for my email, but I just wanted to let you know am doing ok.
 I kind of procrastinated on working out or eating healthy after returning from Europe, and of course I started gaining some weight back I had lost during our bleacher and running workouts and realized I needed to do
something about it since I had worked SO HARD to make that progress and I did not
want to go back up in weight. You know it is so easy to gain the weight back when it takes so much hard work to loose
it. Finally I returned to the gym and was amazed to realize I still had some of the
endurance I had achieved while working out with you and didnt have to start from scratch again. I am also eating healthy again.  Since you realize how long do you
have to run to burn a few calories you think twice about what you put in your mouth! Remember how we ran three and then four miles at the park I am so proud,  FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I am able to run 5 miles at 5.5 miles an hour, something I don't think I was ever able to do before. So my email is really to thank you for helping me

get there. It is still a work in progress, believe me I don't wake up and say "yes! i get to go to the gym",but it is not a drag anymore and I make myself do it at least 4 times a week. I am down to 157.6 and
working on maybe 15 pounds more. In the other picture I was at least 204 pounds or more. I am sending you a picture, which you can post on your website if you would like, I think it might inspire some people, because it sure inspires me. I dont want to go back to that place. Even if I am smiling in that picture, I know I always felt awful for looking that way. I was so body conscious I hated going out. Anyway I already
made this email too long, again, Thank you for your help. Bye bye, Lidia
(Lidia was a client in the heat of the summer for eight weeks and wanted to lose weight before her trip to China and she did very difficult bleacher workouts, lunges, running and more, three times a week to achieve her goals and dreams. GOOD JOB LIDIA!!)
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Houston Personal Trainer client Irina, Magnolia Texas Print E-mail
irina_from_russiaWorking out while trying to also care for small children can be a challenge says Irina, originally from Russia who now lives in Magnolia Texas.. I liked having Houston personal trainer Melissa train me because she comes to all the way to my home in Magnolia Texas, and that helps a lot because my son did not like the daycare at the gym. She has become a friend to me and even though the workouts are challenging I am losing body fat and inches. It would be nice to see faster results but I am not able to push as hard because I am expecting another child and my eating is not as perfect is it could be otherwise. I have learned more about maintaining activity levels such as walking and am getting more motivated to participate in new sports such as tennis (which Melissa has helped me learn about). I know if I had not had a personal trainer out here in Magnolia Texas, I would not have made as much progress in my workouts.
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Houston in home personal trainer client Denise Print E-mail
Before Picture 

"Melissa has patience! She is truly a great Houston in home personal trainer and a great friend.I have never felt so encouraged in my life. She always checks up on my eating, excercise, and just my life!! I had gained 10 to 15 lbs in about 2 to 3 months because I started the pill. It was so depressing when I could not fit into ANY of my jeans. So my husband, Ryan, was sweet enough to hire Houston Personal trainer Melissa to help me out. She gave us awesome recipes and in home workout routines. As a newly wed couple, my husand and I are started our marriage watching what we ate so we could stay healthy and fit throughout our lives. (Not to mention, the recipes were great because I had no idea how to cook!) AND YES, I did quit taking the pill; It was definately not for me and caused so many damages to my body. If I could give any advice to women- please research your options before taking a pill that can damage your body so much. I absolutely love my body now; I weigh and look the same as I did in high school. What an amazing feeling!!

After pictures




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The Woodlands, Texas in home personal training client Jan Print E-mail

One of the things that I really liked about having Melissa as my in home personal trainer in The Woodlands Texas,  is that she encouraged me to do what was right with my body, by getting more muscle through exercising with weights and losing the excess fat. She was firm but nice about getting me to eat what I needed to eat. One of the things that she helped me understand when she would drive up to the Woodlands Texas to train me,( even though I was rebellious), was that I need to do more aerobic exercise, get my heart working harder and burn some excess fat I have been complaining about. My workouts with Melissa have been delightful! What I love about her is that she encouraged me and did not "get onto" me. She helped me in a nice way. Also Melissa helped me also at a time in my life where I needed just boost of encouragement to help me know that I DO look ok. Even though I had some weight to lose, it was not a lot, and she kind of gave me that extra edge I needed, and friendship that I needed as well.
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Katy Texas, Denise Houston Personal Trainer client and soon to be professional model Print E-mail

Should  Houston Personal Training client Denise make it to the big time modeling agencies?  Houston Personal Trainer Melissa?  thinks she has a great chance and  thinks  YOU  should  email her if you think Denise  looks  good enough to be a top model. Email to Citiflex on the  contact page and  YES or NO to denise as a model. She will be attending a by invitation only  modeling event at "the model expo" in Dallas on Feb. 17.  Check it out at... http://www.themodelexpo.com/dallas/.  See her testimonial and swimsuit photo below.denise_model_houston_texas_three
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Kelly, in home personal training client,The Woodlands Texas Print E-mail

225.jpg224_1.jpgBEFORE and during Photos above

Kelly,a resident of the Woodlands Texas, and a hurricane Katrina survivor,  lost twenty pounds in six weeks...here is..the "BEFORE" picture, to the right was taken in January 2006. GOOD GOING KELLY. She wanted to lose sixty more pounds with the help of Melissa and with the complimentary six week membership given to her by 24 hour fitness in Houston. Kelly is the kind of person who gives as much as she gets. Her appreciation of the workouts and her success was a real testimony to Melissa of the power of one persons determination in the face of adversity.
AFTER Photos belowkelly_skinny
Kelly is now working full time in the nursing capacity and is having to learn again how to structure her eating to keep on achieving weight loss goals. Working night shift and sleeping irregularly and working out on random schedules is a challenge and Kelly is up to the challenge. She lost a total of almost forty pounds and is continuing to workout, eat veggies and fruits...she particularly likes Clementine's and fish..and walk with her boyfriend in the evenings when she cannot get to the gym.

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Memorial Area, Houston Texas - Shari L. Print E-mail
Melissa is the first Houston in home personal trainer I found that really gave me that "personal" touch which was so important as I was raising a houseful of boys and needed to have some personal time to recharge...exercise and weight training workouts really helped me to get the energy I needed for my full time job as a mom. She used her expertise to put together a workout program that was creative, interesting and effective. Melissa always had new ideas to keep me motivated. She kept me focused and on the path to being healthy, in shape and feeling confident. I highly recommend her and told some of my friends at second baptist church about her helpfulness in the weight loss department. She will always take into consideration your personal needs and goals! She is awesome!
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Magnolia Texas, Personal Trainer Client Kindra Print E-mail


Kindra has been working out in a pasture in Magnolia! She and Houston Personal trainer Melissa like to do workouts "without walls" so they take their weight training outside when it is not raining or too hot. The world around small towns can provide many perfect places for doing specific targeted moves..for example modified pull ups can be done on gates or monkey bars and calf raises can be done on curbs. Body weight lunges can be done for a targeted distance..such as to the next light pole, and push ups can be done full body or modified right on the street.kindra_four Kindra, a Magnolia resident, hopes to lose even more weight because she has recently also joined weight watchers at the recommendation of Houston Personal trainer Melissa. "Some people can really benefit from the peer pressure and weekly weigh ins in front kindra_nineof others that Weight Watchers provides and I like their balanced approach to eating" said Melissa.

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V.P. of Operations of The Q Sports Club In Houston (now 24 Hour Fitness) - Jesse C. Print E-mail
I interviewed Melissa when she joined the staff as a personal trainer here in Houston at our high profile sports club and was so impressed with her personality and style that I recommended her to my wife who was searching for her first in home personal trainer ... the right trainer.  During her tenure at the club in the Galleria area, Melissa was very  successful,  working with a varied and upscale client base whose needs required consistency and a broad base of knowledge to draw on. Her workouts were effective and she was able to give enough knowledge to convince her clients of the importance of proper eating and get them "on board" so that they took ownership of their workouts and food choices and were able to make much better decisions.
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Champions Area, spring Texas - Liz F. Print E-mail
When I began my personal training in Spring Texas workout plan with Melissa at my home in the champions area, she was gentle with the fact that I was very out of shape.  I can't tell you enough of how encouraging she was.  Melissa taught me so much about nutrition and how foods work with our bodies.  There is a science to what you eat and when you eat it.  I still, to this day, practice that method in my home in Spring Texas.  Melissa is an encyclopedia of nutrition, fitness and well being.  You can't go wrong in Houston with in home work outs with Melissa.  She will be there for you all the way to your goal!  With all that said, I need to get back to working out with Melissa - the champ of trainers.
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The Galleria, Houston Texas - Debbie R. Print E-mail
Melissa is a great motivator here in Houston and I live in the Galleria area. As my personal trainer Melissa made sure I always looked forward to the outside workouts (except the step jumps because they were hard). But the personal training must have worked because I lost 22 pounds in three months down to 105 pounds and I feel great. Melissa taught me the importance of maintaining and building muscle to speed up the metabolism 24 hours a day instead of personal training workouts that just burn calories for several hours afterwards. I keep in touch with Melissa and get her advice on maintaining my health. I recommend her highly! I still call her for eating advice since I am a busy mom of three kids including twins and I am busy working full time as well for Gary Greene Realtors in Downtown Houston so my time is SHORT. Melissa is still available to give me free advice, years later and I really appreciate that bonus of being a previous client of hers.
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Champions, Houston - Paolo G. Print E-mail

I own my own business and live in the Champions area of Houston and could only work out early in the morning because of my busy job marketing Marble for major construction sites and my Houston Personal Trainer Melissa was always there at my home at five a.m. for my individualized workouts. There was never a dull moment, from Kangoo boot workouts and biking, to boot camps and traveling workouts for when I was out of town; a custom workout to fit my schedule was always ready for me.Even though I called her "the Nazi"  I would highly recommend certified personal Melissa if you are serious about getting fit and getting results.

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The Galleria, Houston Texas - Kate Print E-mail

Kate, a memorial area client, has photos to show the progress made exactly halfway through her weight loss progression during eight weeks of workouts. The bikini pictures on the left were taken when she first started and the pictures on the right were taken four weeks later. Kate dropped from eighteen percent body fat to fifteen percent body fat and lost ten pounds in these photos by running, doing running workouts pulling weights up a hill, doing squats and squat jumps and other forms of intensive exercises with Personal trainer Melissa in her gym in the apartment complex where she lives.
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Champions Area, Houston Texas - Emily S. Print E-mail
I highly recommend Melissa as a personal trainer and she came to my home in the Champions and 1960 area and we met at the high school also. In addition to her considerable knowledge and skills as an experienced certified trainer in Houston, she is a great motivator. She discerns for each individual client the right mix of encouragement, nurturing, and tough discipline. She designs realistic, safe, and effective workouts that work, and will continue to work in the long-term. The personal training sessions I spent with her were a valuable education and motivation for me even after several years. As a full time educator myself, I appreciated the intelligence she conveys in her conversations during the workouts. (Emily is a recipient of the coveted teacher of the year award)
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