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Owner Melissa is happy to have trainers available to fitness and weight loss clients in Austin Texas, Houston Texas, Colorado Springs and Salida Colorado, The Woodlands Texas, Tomball Texas, The Galleria Texas, Spring Texas, Los Gatos and San Jose California. Every trainer on her team is fit, strong and an advocate for natural fitness with real food, real workouts and real results for real fast weight loss.

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Personal trainer Melissa Lives in Houston Texas and has trainers in Austin Texas and in the California Bay Area.
Black and white photo of Houston Workout expert Melissa in her backyard near the pool.
Personal trainer Melissa of Houston going up the stairs.JPG
Workouts in home with a personal trainer can target goals fast and bring the right results so you LIKE your butt!!
Personal Trainer Melissa after a hard workout with weights.
red dress.jpg
Short skirts are a favorite of anyone who works out a lot and can be proud of their legs and tush!
going to church with Personal trainer on Sunday in Texas.JPG
Going to Church on Sunday is a regular thing for Melissa but she does occasionally make up workouts for clients on Sunday.
Photo of personal trainer Melissa having fun in the sun after doing a hard workout to tighten legs and butt!
Wear Boots and prevent lots of prickers from getting you says personal trainer Melissa who trains clients all over Houston, The woodlands and Conroe and Richmond Texas
Melissa standing on Porch.JPG
To find out how much personal training will cost with in home personal trainer Melissa or her staff..look on the pricing page on this website for different pricing packages depending on the amount of weight that needs to be lost.
melissa wears dresses.jpg
Personal Trainer Melissa of Houston wears lightweight cool dresses because they are more comfortable in the Humid climate.
Even Jeans and boots look better says personal Trainer Melissa, when you have been working out!
melissaby pool.jpg
Houston in home personal trainer Melissa sits and relaxes by the pool in Texas
Melissa in red shoes.JPG
Ruby Red shoes feel great and are a blast to wear with almost any dress says this Houston Personal trainer.
Melissa in flowered summer dress.jpg
Photo of Personal Trainer Melissa trying to keep cool in a lightweight flower dress in Humid Houston.
james bond bikini.jpg
Melissa in James Bond Style silver bikini
pool in her dress.JPG
Houston Personal trainer Melissa cools off by jumping in the pool in her dress!
The wind and the waves are soothing in this photo of a girl on the beach in Punta Cana.
blue eyes, blue pool, blue tank.jpg
Blue eyes and Blue tank top matches the refreshing blue of the water in this photo of the woodlands Personal Trainer Melissa.
Houston Personal trainer Melissa on the sandy beach in the Dominican.jpg
Sandy beaches and salty breeze provide a great backdrop for photos of Bikini clad Personal Trainer searching for a workout spot in the shade of a palm tree.
winter snow workout in colorado with Houston personal trainer.jpg
winter workout in colorado in the snow
kneeling on the beach photo.jpg
In home personal trainer Melissa is kneeling on the beach in this photo in the Dominican Republic.
Here is Melissa by her log cabin in Colorado.
personal trainer on log cabin porch.jpg
Personal Trainer kneeling on her log cabin porch in Colorado in her white boots.
Photo of tan bikini clad girl kneeling on the beach in the tropical islands.
Laying on the beach in the Tropical Islands is a photo of Houston Personal trainer Melissa on vacation.
Photo of a tawny skinned, blond personal trainer kneeling on the beach showing off her abs and toned arms and legs.
wave on the shore photo.JPG
Photo of long haired blond girl in shallow wave on the shore of a beach.
Do not weight (haha WAIT) till AFTER the holidays to get your BIKINI BOD! Our trainers are BOOKED in advance so call now and reserve your spot so you can look the best possible by May 2009!
Personal trainer Melissa loves to workout her legs and in this photo she shows off her little guess shoes on her long legs.
Melissa on  the beach looking over her shoulder.jpg
Out on the beach, tanned personal trainer Melissa is looking over her shoulder in this photo of her blue bikini on the beach.
little purple bikini.JPG
Melissa Sky likes wearing her little purple mossimo bikini while getting a tan on the beach in this photo.
sittin an relaxin on the fence rails photo.JPG
Jean shorts and boots are comfortable wear for Melissa as she sits and relaxes on the log porch rails leading to the cabin in Colorado.
Houston Personal trainer takes her black Chevy avalanche truck in this photo, to Colorado for some tough Mountain workouts.
hiking in colorado.jpg
Melissa loves any chance she gets to go visit the beautiful state of Colorado where she can do outdoor workouts at a cooler temperature than her warmer state of Texas.
personal trainer loves her cabin.jpg
Personal trainer Melissa enjoys her cabin in Colorado.
Workouts at night can also be fun.
sitting on the edge of the pool.jpg
Hard consistent workouts help eliminate cellulite for a firm tight butt as can be seen in this photo of the personal trainer.
yellow shirt and thong bathing suit.jpg
Get a flat stomach, firm butt and sexy legs with the intense workouts with Houston personal trainers who come to your home and help you get fit fast! Call now for appointment at 713 493 2567
yellow tank top.jpg
Consistent workouts can happen and so can a bikini perfect body if you call and hire this Houston personal trainer.
black and white photo of personal trainer.jpg
Hard workouts make this cowgirl ready for almost anything!
black bikini photo on a personal trainer.jpg
Want to look amazing in a bikini? Try workouts in home with the top personal trainers in Texas and call Citiflex.com!
pink shorts.JPG
Workouts by the pool make a person FEEL cooler when it is hot outside =) and Personal trainer Meilssa enjoys being beside the pool!
wifebeater tank top.jpg
Do you want a flat stomach? How about lean muscular legs with nice calves and no jiggle. Do you know how to have a sexy round butt that is tight and perky and what about perky boobs? Our personal trainers can get you there!
Houston Personal trainer loves to keep her butt tight with back and leg hyper extensions with alternating push ups on the stability ball.
melissa in short flowered skirt in galveston texas.jpg
In this photo at Galveston Texas, Personal Trainer Melissa is going to go for a walk on the beach. Even when relaxing, it is a great idea to include some kind of activity to keep the muscles working as much as possible.
Blond hair and blue tank.jpg
In this photo Texas girls love the Rodeo and Personal trainer Melissa is ready to go watch the Houston Livestock show and rodeo!
trampoline_workout in Houston.jpg
In this photo, personal trainer Melissa does Ab twists on trampoline work the obliques to keep waist curvy.
the old oak tree.jpg
"If ya wanna play in Texas, ya gotta have a fiddle in the band.." ..yeee haaa the Country girl in me loves this big old oak tree in Texas,
Houston Personal trainer long curly hair.jpg
Long curly hair may not be practical or the style but it is how Personal trainer Melissa always wears her hair =)
uggy boots on personal trainer.jpg
In this photo, Ugg boots and Shorts are a wierd but comfortable combo for the unpredictable Houston weather where it is seventy degrees in Feb. and can drop twenty degrees in a few minutes.
James bond bikini.jpg
Du du, du du DU DU....Melissa's JAMES BOND bikini..=) At least that is what this photo of her silver metallic bikini makes HER think.
Little shorts, little shirt, LONG hair.jpg
Big hair and boots..YEAH I'm from DALLAS! In this photo, Melissa sky wears little shorts and a little shirt on her way to the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo.
In this Photo, Sexy personal trainer Melissa wears an orange bikini near her pool in sunny Texas.
This metallic cream colored dress fits Melissa perfectly... as if it was made for her body and she found it at a resale shop! Melissa, thinks the same way as McCain's running mate that saving money is a GOOD thing. =)
yoga_pants on personal trainer photo.JPG
Personal trainer Melissa loves her yoga workout pants and wears them at home too as seen in this photo.
My avalanche truck is named Barbie.jpg
My CHEVY AVALANCHE truck named Barbie takes me everywhere I need to go and shes a TOUGH gal!! Her four wheel drive has saved me SEVERAL times =) In this photo, is Melissa in her old truck, the new one is black.
white short dress.jpg
In this photo of a short white dress on personal trainer Melissa, you can see that this baggy dress fits like a sack and is not very flattering and is really UGLY! (wink wink)
mossimo purple bikini on personal trainer photo.jpg
Can't hide flaws in this bikini so you better start WORKING OUT NOW to get rid of body fat or cellulite, or "hail damage" as some people call it...that wiggly stuff on your butt and legs! This photo is personal trainer Melissa in a Mossimo bikini

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