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Austin Texas is where runner and weight loss specialist Erik helps clients, particularly those in the Cuernevaca, Bee Cave area of austin Texas. Do not resort to Human Growth hormone diets popular in Austin, Texas that can potentially cause your body to stop producing the hormone naturally. It is not the answer for any healthy person and Austin Personal trainer and runner Erik can help you lose weight, get fit and feel great while IMPROVING, not hurting your health. Read more about how to help your body produce more growth hormone on its OWN in this website.

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erik reads for inspiration photo.jpg
Erik takes a moment to read some inspirational scripture passages before going off on a run or a hike and inspiration is how he is able to do consistent workouts to maintain weight and fitness when he is not in the mood to workout.
erik smiling in the dominican republic at night.JPG
When Erik wants to talk to his girlfriend on the phone at night when he is away from her in Florida, he likes to do it while taking moonlight walks on the beach.
Keeping up with appointments and also laughing at internet comediennes is part of life of Austin Texas personal trainer Erik
Erik likes to help his sister increase activity and enjoys walking on the beach with her while looking for sea shells.
running makes austin personal trainer erik have cut abs.jpg
The beaches of Florida are white and clean and pristine and Austin Personal Trainer Erik enjoys taking a break from school to take in some beach weather.
Personal trainer Erik is not a scary dude.jpg
Photo of Austin Running coach Erik and his buddies in North Carolina in the fall 2007
Sunsets are gorgeous in Maine in the summer says personal trainer Erik of Austin, Tx.
Austin Personal trainer wears sport coat to a running event dinner. Tall and lean, he is striking person to see running because he runs as fast as Houston personal trainer Melissa can roller blade..and that is when she is going as fast as she can.
Warm ups and cool downs and stretching are all part of an effective running program says Austin Texas Personal Trainer Erik. Running is fun when accompanied by a companion but it can be fun to run alone too.
Talking to clients every day is an important part of being an Austin Personal trainer and running coach, because that constant communication is what helps clients to comply.It is not easy to go run when tired, when the weather is not agreeable but a personal trainer helps busy professionals get the workout in.
Austin Personal trainer teaches how proper eating, rest and relaxation (such as playing the guitar) and exercise will contribute to a happy healthy life. Austin In Home Personal training is one of the keys to bringing in exercise and workouts to busy professional.
Austin Personal trainer Erik, pictured here with Kristen and Melissa, creates different workouts that help incorporate running and other forms of cardio to speed weight loss and Health improvements.
Erik_talks_with_coach yates photo.jpg
Running in the Texas Heat can be brutal.But Running in Austin, Texas was what Erik did as part of his college education at University of Texas. Personal trainer Erik is very focused on doing his best and he puts the same amount of effort into his personal weight loss workouts with clients.
erik shopping for fresh fruit photo.jpg
Austin Texas personal trainer and running coach Erik takes time to choose food wisely and likes shopping at whole foods stores where he eats real, not manufactured foods.Eating lean and eating fresh and natural foods such as fruits and vegetables are critical in helping a client lose weight and get lean and cut.
erik with a group of campers photo.jpg
Campers and personal trainer Erik of Austin Texas are going on a hike in Maine where they learn how to find direction and how to be a team.
erik teaches kayaking at camp photo.jpg
Erik's campers got to be proficient at kayaking!
erik with campers photo.jpg
Campers and personal trainer Erik going on a hike in Maine.
erik takes campers to the lake photo.jpg
Campers in Maine love playing in the water in the summer Lake after kayaking.
erik teaches kayaking at camp photo.jpg
Erik as an Austin Texas Personal trainer during the year but a kayaking instructor in the summer at a camp for boys in Maine.
erik rests with campers after a hike photo.jpg
Here is a photo of Austin Texas Running and weight loss coach Erik resting with campers up on the Rocks after Picking blueberries in Maine
erik picks blueberries.jpg
Picking blueberries in Maine is something Erik had fun doing with his campers in the summer.
erik on the beach at night photo.JPG
Walking on the beach can be fun and Austin Personal trainer Erik finds some sea shells while walking on the beach in Florida in November.
erik and stephanie photo.jpg
Erik, Runner and Personal trainer in Austin, Texas and Stephanie, also a runner, both have low body fat. Erik's body fat is approximately five percent which is that of an elite level athlete.
erik goes for a run on the florida beach photo.jpg
Running on the beach strengthens the feet and is a different type of run than running on the track or cross country says Austin runner Erik. Erik loves the scenery on the beach in Florida.
Erik gets ready to ride to class photo.jpg
Austin, Texas personal trainer Erik likes to ride his bike to class and he lives close enough to campus to do that and still be on time. Erik graduated from College in the winter of 2008.
erik frozen breath after running in twenty below photo.jpg
A beard is a good thing to have when running in the winter in Colorado..it is very important to keep water with you and to dress in warm layers to prevent frostbite. Personal trainer Erik of Austin, Texas works at a running and shoe store in additional to personal training and he improves his running stamina by training in difficult conditions such as heat or extreme cold or in altitude.
Erik and Steph on the beach in florida.jpg
NEVER TRUST A RUNNER to just give a piggy back ride!! HA HA! In this photo, running coach of Austin Texas Erik carry's Stephanie on his shoulders near the ocean.
erik and other camp counselor photo.jpg
Photo of Erik and his Co worker at camp in some COLD water after a plunge from the kayaks. Erik likes to make his workouts interesting for clients trying to lose weight and does plyometrics, running, jogging, med ball workouts, interval training, weight training and more.
erik and his gang photo.jpg
Photo of Austin Texas Personal Trainer Erik and his campers in Maine, summer of 2007.
Erik and his friend and neighbor Gary.jpg
Lean and muscular is the body type of most runners and it is not the exception for Austin Texas running coach Erik who is going walking in this photo with his pal Gary. Erik enjoys workouts with clients of all ages and is a great communicator and helps clients lose weight fast.
erik and campers act goofy.jpg
Austin Texas coach and personal trainer Erik enjoys working with Youth and in this photo he and his campers at a summer camp are on a three day trip.
Photo of Erik in College running the Distance Medley Relay in a race for Texas.
erik after a run photo.jpg
Good running shoes are essential to preventing injuries, said Austin Texas Personal trainer and running coach Erik. When doing a lot of running as a beginner and even as a pro, proper fit, and correct support and shock absorption are essential to enjoyment of running or jogging.
Running coach Erik of Austin Texas said that his years of club soccer helped condition him for his eventual switch to running as his main sport.He was a sweeper for most of the years he played and he enjoyed the competitiveness and the friendships acquired during the years of his sport.Erik also does sports specific training for soccer players in the Austin Texas area.
Exercise does not have to be boring but it DOES have to be consistent says Austin Running Running coach Erik.Running can be the one sport that costs practically nothing and yet yields the greatest results. Running distance at a comfortable pace in the beautiful city of Austin is a daily activity for Runner coach Erik.
Running coach Erik races past the photographer in this photo. Erik knows how to help clients improve running form and how do gain endurance while burning body fat.
Running coach, located in Austin Texas, Erik is pictured here getting an interview after a race in Texas.