Bodybuilder Joe is also a specialist in weight loss, tennis and plyometrics with conditioning. He is available in the Galleria area and he enjoys helping his clients sculpt their body to be lean with lots of guidance on proper eating for weight loss while maintaining muscle. The Galleria personal Trainer Joe is particularly skilled in helping clients learn how to lose excess body fat by teaching them proper eating for fitness and for improved nutrition. He has an outgoing personality and is always cheerful and an excellent communicator.

Laura, who is NFPT and ACE certified, has extensive experience in the health and fitness industry. Her one-on-one coaching provides increased motivation and support for quicker results from her personal training workouts. Laura, who trains clients in the West, northwest Houston area, believes that her hands on approach and bio-mechanical knowledge promotes the most dramatic results possible while reducing chance of injury during the resistance training phase of the workouts. She is very creative, upbeat and helpful in order to help men and women looking for great personal training feel more enthusiastic because workouts are fun! Like all the personal trainers at Citiflex, Laura provides flexibility in programming based on fitness goals and fitness levels and she does a complete initial assessment of each client as well as regularly scheduled follow up assessments to chart progress. Her overall intense level of personal training will produce overall fitness, toning, sculpting, body fat reduction, strength gain, weight control, flexibility and nutritional guidance. Laura enjoys working with prenatal and postnatal clients as well as the elderly in helping with each persons individualized goals.

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Houston personal trainer Laura.jpg
Rock hard joe leans against stone wall photo.jpg
Looking lean, muscular and fit is important to each person and particularly to a Personal trainer who is a bodybuilder because the Trainer has to show by their own body that they know how to sculpt an effective result by specialized eating and proper exercises in Houston Texas
photo of ripped abs and fitness trainer joe of houston.jpg
Tennis is one of Houston Personal Trainer Joe's favorite sports to participate in. He also enjoys Houston Football and baseball games.
joe walks with personal training client ryan.jpg
Houston Personal trainer Joe enjoys showing his clients how to build muscle and get cut with high intensity weight training and good nutrition with protein supplementation.
body builder joe doing pullups photo.jpg
When Houston Personal trainer Joe works on chest, he may do five different exercises for that one body part, and in this photo you can see the results of his workouts. Joe cycles his bodybuilding workouts and vary s from heavy to light, depending on the way his body is responding.
joe has bodybuilding physique photo.jpg
Bodybuilding is a lifetime endeavor for Houston Personal Trainer Joe.
houston bodybuilder joe works hard on abs photo.jpg
For Ripped abs it is very important to maintain "Lean Living" which is the mainstay of Citiflex.com and that means keeping fat intake low all the time with consistency and discipline. It also means working out consistently which Houston Personal Trainer Joe is good at as well as eating a very low fat diet consistently.
Houston bodybuilder joe runs sprints for legs workout photo.jpg
Sexy Personal trainer and bodybuilder Joe of Houston, goes for a sprint at a local high school.
Houston bodybuilder joe jumps out of pool photo.jpg
To develop the lats, In home Personal Trainer Joe works with pull ups and chin ups using body weight and slow controlled reps.
joe in pool showing cut abs photo.jpg
Certified personal trainer Joe has an eight pack as can be seen in this photo of his abs taken while standing in the pool.
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Workouts to get big take a lot of dedication and knowledge and Houston Personal Trainer Joe is expert in helping his clients achieve success in the gym.
Bodybuilder joe sits in jacuzzi photo.jpg
In home workouts with Houston Bodybuilder Joe can bring about great changes in physique for guys looking to put on lean muscle mass.
Bodybuilder joe flexex muscles.jpg
Bodybuilder Joe of Houston has spent years in the gym perfecting his back and lats and rear delts routine and it shows in this picture of Joe flexing his biceps from the rear view.
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Personal Training with Houston bodybuilder Joe often involves driving to other parts of Houston Texas, such as Spring, Tomball, The Woodlands, Magnolia, FM 1960, Willowbrook, The Houston Medical Center, Kingwood, Downtown Houston, The galleria, Rice University area, Memorial Area, an even Clear lake.
gonna do pullups here photo of trainer joe.jpg
Joe can jump all that distance to grab the bar and do at least fifteen body weight pull ups. Joe weighs about 176 pounds of lean muscle body weight and he has about a five percent body fat content. His routine is to workout with weight training five days a week and do cardio with several sets of tennis a week.
joe has nice hamstrings.jpg
Joe has nice hamstrings and his leg strength helps him with his tennis game in getting to the correct position to receive the ball.
joe playing tennis.jpg
Houston in home personal trainer Joe keeps a good attitude during games and when working out with his clients. He is easy to laugh and slow to get annoyed and his clients all enjoy his easy sense of humor.
Joe going overhand in tennis.jpg
Personal trainer and Houston Bodybuilder Joe really enjoys helping his clients improve their body AND improve their tennis game. His tennis drills get the heart rate up and his coaching fine tunes many aspects of the game.
photo of bodybuilder joe doing pushups.jpg
Joe makes his pushups a plyometric workout by pushing up forcefully off the ground and clapping his hands together in between repetitions.