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chest plyo ball throw photo with personal trainer melissa.JPG
Workouts for women in Houston with in home personal trainer Melissa will Blast Cellulite off, carve off INCHES of fat and increase sex appeal In this photo taken by Al Torres photography, this certified personal trainer Melissa shows a client how to firm breasts by doing weighted med ball throws from the chest.
beach workout photo.JPG
This beach workout starts off with one whole song of beach lunges with alternating punches and make sure the legs lunge FAR out and keep tempo with the music!
beach workout with melissa skye has lots of dance moves.JPG
The next part to the breach workout is to walk/run on your toes so that you are rolling up on your toes to work the calf muscles for one whole song on the IPOD, lifting the body up on the fourth beat of every four beats to keep the workout fast paced and high energy
biceps are part of the beach workout photo.JPG
Ab workouts never end and being at the beach is no excuse to avoid working out..it actually is MORE FUN at the beach so lean back, engage the abs and enjoy the music!
front kick is part of beach workout for abs photo.jpg
This island workout which took place at the barcelona beach resort in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, has a fifth part which is to do front kicks leaning back to engage the abs and work the legs as well and do this for one entire song on the ipod!
knee up is also for abs in beach workout photo.jpg
The fourth part of this beach body workout is to lean back so as to engage the abs, and then march while touching the opposite knee to the opposite elbow in a twisting motion (this cross lateral march also establishes pathways and helps with dislexic readers) working the obliques.
hamstring and calf stretch after beach workout photo.jpg
The beaches in the dominican republic were amazing and the workouts were intense but well worth the effort as Personal Trainer Melissa felt invigorated and energized afterwards and cooled down with a hamstring and calf stretch as pictured here!
stretching with beach workout photo.jpg
Staying fit and flexible is important and one way to do that is to prevent injuries by doing stretching after every workout, and holding the stretches for at least thirty seconds.
side lunges are good for inner thighs in beach workout photo.jpg
After doing One song of lunges, then follow with a song of side squats, as this works the lateral movement muscles and helps with balance and core as well, specially on the un-level sand at the beach.
bleacher dips photo.jpg
Dressed in pink tank top is Melissa, Houston Personal trainer, in this photo of her performing modified body weight dips on the bleachers during a bleacher workout.
bleacher pushups photo.jpg
Melissa Skye does bleacher pushups, the modified version, while doing a bleacher workout in this photograph.
curly hair skye does pullup on tree photo.jpg
Curly haired Skye does body weight pullups in this photo of her hanging on to a tree.
Houston_personal_trainer_melissa does trampoline workout.jpg
Photo of Melissa doing a mini trampoline workout to lose body fat.
dip walk with kelly and melissa photo.jpg
Kelly from the Woodlands Texas, is with her trainer Melissa doing dip walks for balance and quads while outside in the park in this photo.
getting ready to play with a beach volleyball.jpg
Photo of personal trainer in polka dot bikini ready to play some outdoor volleyball in Texas.
Houston in home personal trainer Melissa sometimes takes the workouts outside and in this case, she tries riding her hybrid bike on the trails near the bayou.
High school girls Jessica and Mallory Workout with fitness trainer Melissa and do quickness drills for tennis.
wall press with fitness trainer skye photo.jpg
Workouts that help clients do things "outside the box" of their comfort zone can really facilitate growth in the workout area. Here Houston in home personal trainer Melissa shows how to do a wall press. This photo is where Melissa shows how to work upside down to strengthen shoulders.
wall squat photo with fitness trainer skye.jpg
HOW Long CAN YOU SIT LIKE THAT!! WOW a wall sit can be a great way to see how strong the quads are and can also be an effective burnout exercise following a bleacher workout in Houston, Texas
standing quad stretch with fitness trainer skye.jpg
Bleacher workouts must include stretching in order to prevent injuries. Here Melissa shows her clients how to do a proper quad stretch during a bleacher workout to keep the quads loose.
Citiflex personal trainer Melissaflexing biceps muscle photo.JPG
Personal trainer Melissa poses here in front of the Houston Skyline for her business card...Her company name CitiFlex is the theme for the photo..the city of Houston in the background, and the in home personal trainer Melissa flexing her bicep for the camera photographer Al Torres.
Jessica shows proper form for doing a leg curl which can be done with or without weights keeping the curled leg farther back than the weight bearing leg.
Metallic silk dress worn in this photo by Elite Houston personal trainer of Texas. Photo taken in Aug. 2007
laughing and chewing gum.jpg
Laughing and chewing gum to kick back after a workout with Top personal trainer Melissa Skye.
personal trainer Melissa squats down.jpg
Best personal trainer Melissa thinks Outside workouts can be wonderful for the body and the mind. A normally mundane activity can become more interesting with new scenery. Personal trainer Melissa likes to do workouts without walls because she feels her Houston in home personal training clients like it the best.
laying_down on the beach in the dominican.jpg
Relaxing on the beach is the reward for working out hard during the week! Take a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and see THIS gorgeous beach!
Sexy black dress on fitness trainer.jpg
It is fun to be able to wear a sexy black dress after spending hours each day working out..this dress is worn by elite personal trainer Melissa Skye in this photo.
mountain_hike up a dirt road with Fitness trainer skye.jpg
Melissa of Houston, In home personal trainer of Texas, goes for a walk in the Mountains of Colorado to do a early morning workout. This photo shows her hamstrings and legs which are the focus of the workout.
pushup_with_leg_hyperextension photo with melissa skye.jpg
When doing pushups it is helpful to multitask and also to include the legs by doing a single leg hyperextension (which women like because they always like to include their hips and thighs in every workout) and alternate sets.
Side kick works the obliques as well as the legs and is a way to keep the waistline trim and help keep thighs lean as well.
melissa in lacy black mini dress.jpg
Sexy little flirty black dresss and high heels as Elite personal trainer sits on the brick fireplace in this photo.
kelly and Melissa sky doing step ups photo.jpg
Melissa of Houston and Kelly of the woodlands, Texas do step ups on the bench in a park to get heart rate up and to work the legs.
Pink and blue miniskirt on fitness trainer.jpg
Pink top and blue miniskirt on Houston Fitness Trainer Melissa Skye.
Melissa skye does hamstring and calf stretch photo.jpg
Personal trainer Melissa does a calf and hamstring stretch after a workout in Colorado.
Workouts that include a front kick are helpful because the abs are then involved more directly in the workout and are tightened.
melissa cleans pool.jpg
cleaning the pool in Spring Texas can be one outdoor activity that helps increase the calories burned in a day for someone who has been sedentary.
Mallory, Former Willowbrook Sports Volleyball Player, Does a silly set when goofing off before a sports specific workout for volleyball players.
melissa does early morning mountain workout in photo.JPG
Be sure to include some core or balancing in the outdoor workout to be complete says Personal Trainer Melissa of Houston
Looking out the window, Melissa, a natural body builder , who never uses drugs or artificial foods, feels great.
Melissa in peach against the pale mountain sky photo.jpg
Photo of expert female personal trainer doing a side lunge in the mountains of colorado.
Melissa Skye in yellow bikini photo.jpg
Houston best in home personal trainer Melissa likes to wear boy cut bikini in this photo, for beach sports such as volleyball, jogging in the sand, frisbee and more.
Melissa skye has hamstrings photo.jpg
Houston Personal trainer , in a red hoodie jacket in this photo, flexes leg biceps muscle to see if she has cuts.
outside_workout for cut legs and quads photo.jpg
Personal Trainer Melissa says to get creative and use the environment around you to facilitate the workouts and make them more fun and interesting
pushups in outdoor arena photo.jpg
Houston personal trainer Melissa knows that plenty of pushups will keep arms and chest strong and tight and will also help with good posture.
rollerblading on venice beach california.jpg
Houston elite personal trainer for women rollerblading on the venice beach bike path in California.
melissa_in_peach doing side stretch.jpg
Houston in home personal trainer Melissa likes doing side lunges because it helps stretch the inner thigh area and works the quads as well.
personal trainer shows hamstrings and glutes.jpg
Workout hard with intensive workouts provided by sexy personal trainer Melissa and get the Butt and the body you KNOW you can have NOW! Anyone with the right knowledge and the proper nutrition can make a huge difference in their appearance and fitness expert in Houston Melissa can show you how
red shirt and shoes.jpg
Red looks good with white on blond curly haired Houston Fitness trainer Melissa in this photo.
rainbow_day photo with fitness trainer sky.jpg
The beautiful end to a beautiful workout is a rainbow says personal trainer in The woodlands and Houston, Texas.
Looking at how the leaves are turning bright red in the fall in Houston Texas in this photo with fitness expert Melissa.
Photo of Mallory of Spring Texas, doing a wall press during sports specific training for volleyball.
stability ball squats against log.jpg
Melissa likes her Houston personal training clients who are new to do squats against the wall (or a stump) as seen in this photo, with a flex ball because it helps them to keep good form and to avoid straining the lower back, while still working the quads and abs.
skye and her chevy avalanche truck photo.jpg
Melissa, top in home trainer for men and women, getting ready to get in her chevy avalanche truck to go train a client and help them workout.
side to side lunges photo.JPG
Take your IPOD for your workout pace music says Houston Personal Trainer Melissa
The galleria fitness trainer and Houston skyline.JPG
The citysearch best of Houston Photographer Al Torres captures Personal trainer in Houston, Melissa, doing a stretch on the bridge by the city before doing a workout with her personal training client. Melissa always includes stretching during the workouts
triceps press.jpg
Houston Personal trainer Melissa demonstrates how to do a triceps press over the head. This exercise helps to reduce flabbyness of the upper arm and most women are very concerned about this area. These can also be done laying down are are then called french presses.
WILD curly hair skye sits on little chair by pool photo.jpg
No makeup, no fancy fixed hair..just WILD and naturally curly...part of the joy of workouts is the lack of attention to makeup and clothing..whatever is comfortable works!
workout_in_the_mountains with Melissa.jpg
Getting cut from working out without losing muscle is a challenge and Personal trainer Melissa here is starting to get cut because she is doing increased cardio with lots of outdoor running and hiking while cutting back significantly on fat in her diet.
stability ball crunches.jpg
Cut abs come from doing a lot of running and core work but crunches on a stability ball are often useful for clients who are just beginning to workout after not exercising for a long time. Personal trainer Melissa makes sure the workouts do not injure or hurt her clients in any way so the workouts are not compromised.
Agility training for volleyball helps Mallory pass the volleyball better in club volleyball.

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