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houston_personal_trainerMany women are unhappy with their droopy breasts after having children, nursing, being overweight or just as a result of aging, and ask Personal Trainer Melissa how to firm their boobs. One of the main things women should do is wear adequate support, especially when they are running or working out because the biggest enemy of perky breasts is gravity. I wear stretchy support for her workouts and only goes bra-less when she is wearing something off the shoulder or backless because she feels it looks better that way. This Youtube Video shows a short workout that targets the chest and back for a perky top. It features elite personal trainer Melissa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7LpZkq0tQU.

Other things that improve the look of the chest is good posture. Houston personal trainer Melissa tries to imagine a string pulling her from the top of her head and lifting her body into an erect position while her neck, shoulders and hips are relaxed. Good posture has to be maintained because those muscles then work to keep the body in proper alignment says Melissa, who used to do part time marketing for a chiropractor. Personal Houston in home fitness trainer Melissa says the following workout will also build the chest muscles underneath the breast tissue which will give the appearance of lifted boobs.

Super set of chest press, flyes, and pullovers. Holding ten or fifteen pound dumbbells, and lying on the ground, do fifteen chest presses with elbows out wide, then immediately go into a dumbbell flye for fifteen reps, and finally use both dumbbells to do fifteen pullovers. Repeat for three sets

Dips: with hands on a chair behind and feet on the floor, dip body down toward the floor and then extend elbows back up straight for one dip. Repeat for fifteen reps and do three sets of these.
Finally one of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of the breasts is to improve posture. Stand with feet shoulder distance apart and shift weight slightly back to the heels and this will ground the weight over the heels and take the stress off the lower back. Bend arms at the elbow and place thumbs of each hand under the armpit and allow this movement to open the chest

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