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Beauty tips for great looking skin after losing weight with Personal Trainer Melissa? Print E-mail

Many women are concerned about the way their body will look after losing a significant amount of weight. That is a valid concern because without some body fat, the skin can look saggy and deflated and lack tone. Eating a healthy diet is important because the body uses Vitamin C to form collagen, which is a key ingredient in youthful looking skin. So snack on bell peppers with the hummus dip to add 226 mg per one medium pepper.
There are a number of things that can be done to help with great youthful looking skin after weight loss. First of all it is important to avoid too much sun exposure. Melissa, personal trainer in The Woodlands and Houston Texas, wears Sensitive skin sunscreen with spf 30 every day under her makeup. She does not just rely on make up because she knows that sunscreen can also be toxic to skin so she just uses the sensitive skin sunscreen on her face but also uses a visor to keep the sun away and wears long

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