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This BLEACHER WORKOUT video here shows you how your legs can look if you run bleachers, workout consistently and eat clean like Melissa does.
Pictures here are of fitness trainer Melissa of Houston, who runs bleachers three times a week in addition to her weight training and cycling, to keep her fitness level strong. She is shown below in a dress and a bikini to show how fitness can make a person feel GREAT! Read her bleacher workout below after the next few photos.
Running bleachers single steps is good for the calves and cardio and running the bleacher double steps is good for the quads and butt. If you have ever asked yourself, "how can I make my legs look longer, leaner and sexier" then bleacher workouts are for you because they tone and tighten legs and butt and calves without bulking them up.(if you want to add bulk you can run the bleachers with a weighted vest and do a shorter intense workout instead of a longer lighter one)  Do not forget to workout your arms too..here is a short three minute arm, abs and shoulder workout on youTube...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tn5PkwXZ5WI

Running the bleachers sideways works the obliques and the lateral movement muscles in the thighs which helps prevent saddle bags on women and men.

Here the the left is a photo of Personal trainer Melissa who runs bleachers to sculpt the legs, the calves, and the butt and to get an overall cardio workout. In this picture when she was visiting southern California and was not able to do bleacher workouts, instead she walked up a lot of stairs and inclines near Venice beach http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7LpZkq0tQU And THIS is the latest chest and back workout to balance out the leg workout from bleachers.In this video, Melissa is wearing a white bikini and doing her workout for chest in Colorado..Check it out on YouTube and enjoy the workout.


Photo here is of personal trainer Melissa showing what running the bleachers regularly makes a person look like in a bikini and in a black dress and on the beach in a flirty skirt and tank top.


This bleacher warmup photo is of Melissa stretching her calves before running the bleachers.Running the bleachers might bring back visions of Rocky Balboa, however the avid athlete will realize that the workout is intensive, cardiovascular and tones and sculpts the legs and calves and butt for men AND women.


In this photo, Melissa is shown doing alternating shoulder press with dumbells and a knee up in between her runs up and down the bleachers to allow her legs a brief rest.Sexy Personal Trainer Melissa of Houston, Texas  runs bleachers to push herself outside of the gym and her weight training workouts and she likes watching others run the bleachers and workout on the track to lose weight and get in shape. She feels it is very motivating.. Like the workout here, done after a bleacher workout where the photo shows one legged pushups on a hill.


Running the bleachers in Houston Texas has been a good workout for even beginners because the whole concept involves intervals of running up..and then resting while walking back down. Houston Personal Trainer Melissa does not want clients to run down because the most intensity happens during the  run UP and running down can be tricky and can be injury producing particularly if one has weak knees. But running up the bleachers if they are only six to eight inches high is a strengthening movement for knees as long as a person is careful going back down.. Bleacher workouts are good for a cross training workout and Melissa has clients doing them about twice a week for an hour and fifteen minutes each workout. HOWEVER if someone is running bleachers for the first time it is good to start with fifteen minutes.bleacher_workout_photo
When running up  bleachers, the body should be vertical, not leaning into the bleachers and it is good to pick knees high as possible and to vary between doing single steps, double steps and lateral crossover steps (which work the thighs more). A person can keep the water, towel, and even music at the bottom of the bleachers and if one workout partner is getting more tired than the other, that person can rest for a set. Photo of The Woodlands Texas Sexy personal trainer Melissa who has worked hard tightening her butt with bleacher running.pushfiveRunning_bleachers_in_Houston_and_The_Woodlands_Texas
Bleacher workouts really tighten the butt particularly when the person takes bigger strides such as skipping every other step. Bleachers are a killer workout for improving and building the calves. It even works for individuals who have knee problems because Houston in home personal trainer Melissa has been able to do bleacher training for individuals with problem knees who would usually have difficulty with walking or running..bleachers take a lot of the pounding motion off of the knee.personal_trainer_cinches_waist_with_consistent_workouts

In an article about bleacher workouts  titled "Stairway to hell" by Chris Shugart  on the web site "testosterone nation" he compares bleacher workouts to walking and does not "sugar coat" it when he says "But let's cut through the feel-good bullshit here: you aren't going to look great naked or perform like a beast just walking. It's a method of locomotion, not "exercise." At best, it will keep you in minimally good health, assuming your diet isn't too terrible. If your diet is crap, then walking will merely slow down your physical demise.""After 8 minutes of bleachers, my heart is pounding, my legs are pumped with blood, I'm sweating, and my glutes and calves are usually sore the next day. I don't think even the most out-of-shape housewives walking the track, sipping Diet Coke and eating Power Bars, really "feel" much from their walking workout"
Melissa laughed when she read this because she knows what Chris is saying. BUT,

The bleachers Personal Trainer Melissa runs are seventy two steps high and she runs up them twenty six times, walks down with no resting between sets other than the walk down. This is no out-of-shape- workout. This bleacher workout makes calves cut and tightens quads and glutes as can be seen in the above photo taken December, 2007. In the below photo taken in Feb 2009, Melissa is shown in cammo doing leg curls with a weight between her feet.
This workout takes about an hour. To incorporate upper body as well, Top personal trainer Melissa alternates doing push ups and dips at the bottom of the bleachers between the runs and this adds another twenty minutes to the workout.

The high schools in the area leave the gates open for residents to use them during non school hours and many individuals are there at all times of the early morning and evening, running, doing football workouts or night frisbee golf. Because it is fairly dark it is advisable to take a training buddy along for safety however there is also security patrolling the site. One final benefit is that You get to look at some amazing sunsets such as this one, when you workout in the early evening.
Photo of Bleachers and sunset in Houston Texas and of the results of bleacher workouts!
bleacher_sunsethouston_workout_photo_by_the_poolPhoto of an amazing sunset in Houston Texas from the bottom of the bleachers. Photo below shows how fit and trim running bleachers can keep anyone who wants to make the effort.

In addition to running the bleachers, there is a benefit to be had also from jumping rope if there are no bleachers nearby. It is fun to build your own jump rope routine by adding four  sets of eight repetitions of different things..such as
four sets of eight "hots" (jumping fast on both feet)
four sets of eight rocking horse (skipping but keeping one leg in front and the other in back
four more sets of eight rocking horse with the other leg in front
four sets of eight on just one foot
four sets of eight on the other foot
four sets of eight double jump
four sets of  eight skipping with knee up in front
four sets of eight skipping with foot kicking butt in back
four sets of eight hop scotch
four sets of eight skiiing jump from side to side
rest for two minutes
repeat twice
This workout can be done with no jumprope on a minitrampoline as well to make it low impact and still get a great cardio workout.
It can also be done in the sand at the beach to strengthen feet.

This photo below is of Sexy tan, blond The Woodlands Personal trainer Melissa in March 2010 at the beach in Galveston wearing a white miniskit and a brown tank.

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