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I recently had a conversation with my son about his trail running business to see how it was going. He told me that he was riding his bike more than running, to keep on coaching his groups, because he said he was having some annoying hip pain. He is a young strong guy and so the suggestion of hip pain just does not fit with his healthy life so I started to pray for his improvement.

But the suggestion of problems can attack us when we are not keeping our own thoughts on good and not even a few weeks later I noticed that I also began to have pain in my right hip. It started after doing jump squats and going really low to try to incorporate more glute muscle and more range of motion in the jumps. This pain, reminded me of how a few years ago, I had done a workout with a very short bodybuilder who was doing leg press on a machine and he pressured me into going much lower on the leg press than I was normally doing and unfortunately for the next two weeks I had almost debilitating back pain in my lower back.

As a long time personal trainer I have come to realize that the overall dynamic of performing a motion is different for those with longer limbs and less flexibility than those with short bones and greater flexibility. We can be proud of our individual accomplishments and realize the harmony of our bodies by listening to our own still small voice instead of letting others experience become our own. I accept that it is much more difficult to build muscle over a broader expanse of length than over a shorter expanse..which explains why body builders and gymnasts are usually shorter than most. I am comfortable with the slower progress because I prefer to maintain challenges that push without injuring myself.

Running does not use the same power muscles as weight training uses because it is more of an endurance sport.

I prayed for a healing for both of us and then I took the practical steps needed to ensure harmony in my body to match the harmony in Mind.

My recommendations for those who are suffering from hip pain, usually those of us who are taller and narrower,  stop going as low in any squat motion...and keep the foot stance narrow instead of wide, and use a plate under the heels to ease flexibility demands.

There is a therapeutic movement that helps bring the painful overstretched tendons back into proper alignment and that movement is to lie on a sofa or the bed with the legs extending beyond the sofa, and perform several sets of quick scissors kicks, with legs going out not much more than hip width.
Follow these scissor kicks with a set of standing twisting punches to decompress the lower back, and then do about three minutes of a prayer stretch, with knees touching together..and arms reaching  out as far as possible.
It may take several days of these movements to relieve pain but I experienced immediate relief. I continue to do my workouts as does my son, and am grateful to share helpful techniques with you as I discover them. Have a great day!

The long narrow body of a runner matches this cute Christmas Nutcracker.  Speaking of the nutcracker, this song always makes me laugh! Merry merry!


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