How to avoid injuries and how to workout around injuries when losing weight.
WEAR SEXY Stilettoes and high heels which actually good for women's knees and do not cause problems iSTAY SEXY!n later life to the knee according to recent british studies. Print E-mail

Recent studies by British researchers at Oxford Brooks University and Warwick university have found that women who wear stilettos or high heels will not have greater risk of knee injuries and will in fact have reduced chances of knee problems later in life. High heels appear to help keep the knee from having osteoarthritis changes and women who wear high heels regularly have stronger knees as a result.

Plus Personal Trainer Melissa? of The Woodlands and Houston Texas, thinks wearing high heels is sexier.
According to the studies, twice as many women have more problems with their knees than men do and they seem to have problems if they were overweight before age fourty, did a lot of heavy work during their lifetime or if they had suffered a previous knee injury. But shoes did not seem to be a contributing factor to the knee problems. High heels are not practical of course for every activity such as working out, but Personal trainer Melissa was glad to see the study come out that disputed the earlier Harvard study claiming that high heels and stilettos were damaging to the knees. The study was done with 111 women aged 50 to 70, some of whom were awaiting knee replacement surgery


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