A wierd stalker situation and how sexy personal trainer is handling it. Print E-mail

Hi, I'd like to introduce myself. If you're coming to this page for the first time and you don't know anything about me, my name is Melissa and I'm a personal trainer, and I've been a personal trainer basically my whole career since college. I have had clients ask me how I managed to stay in shape after having five kids and they assume that it's because it's my job. Actually though, fitness of body and mind is a lifestyle choice, not part of the job requirements. And you create a much better quality of life for yourself, when you invest in fitness for your body and for your mind. Some people think that genetically personal trainers are just gifted, but I've seen a lot of personal trainers who don't look that great. And I've seen a lot of people who are not personal trainers who look fantastic. All people have the ability within themselves to make a choice to be fit by exercising and to be fit mentally by learning and reading and paying attention to the world around them.

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