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Unfortunately wine drinking can cause belly fat and Personal trainer Melissa has noticed that most of her female and male clients who drink regularly do have fat stomachs themselves even though they exercise because alcohol causes fat to be stored around the internal organs which increases belly fat. These same wine drinkers also eat more carbs following a night of drinking. small_pictureSexy Personal trainer Melissa of Houston does not drink any alcohol herself partly because they are empty calories, partly because she is a trainer and partly because she does not like it. Her clients who like to drink have fatter bellies than non drinkers. The "empty" calories in alcohol provide no nutritional value and Melissa knows to eat exactly the way she instructs her clients to eat (and drink) so she does not drink. But now, new studies are supporting her rule of no drinking. These current studies have made it be known that drinking increases abdominal fat storage...the beer gut men and women have over time, develops because wine or beer drinking over time and promotes increased fat storage in the stomach or abdominal area. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7LpZkq0tQU This youtube video has a chest and back workout that shows Melissa/s tight abs.

In her years of experience as a Houston personal trainer, Melissa has come to see red flags when discussing weight loss goals with prospective clients. One such red flag is when a new Personal training client comments on how they drink glasses of wine EVERY night and how they do not wish to curtail that enjoyment. If a person is trying to lose belly fat, it is much better to drink one or two glasses of wine occasionally instead of drinking one glass every night. So if you are ready to curtail the drinking, then you can take an even bigger step by doing the below described ab workout.

"Insanity is doing things the same way but expecting different results" is a favorite quote Houston Personal Trainer Melissa shares with these individuals. The main reason drinkers HAVE abdominal fat is BECAUSE they have too many extra calories in the evening, that get stored as fat in the abdominal area, and several glasses of wine can be the very problem. An "occasional" glass of wine can be fine (once targeted goals have been achieved).Houston In Home Personal trainer Melissa suggests treating wine or any alcohol like a rich dessert that is not often indulged in. She has met with many prospective Personal Training clients over the years who have low body fat on their arms and legs but have lost their waistline. This can be very distressing for many otherwise fit workout people and the late evening drinking of wine or alcohol might be the reason. Instead of using alcohol to reduce stress, In home Houston personal trainer Melissa suggests going for an evening power walk or jog. Thats what she does..that is when she is not training someone at night~
Photo of Houston Personal trainer Melissa in a pink bikini above.

Steph 4.jpgTo have great abs, like California Bay area Personal trainer  Stephanie, of Los Gatos and San Jose California  pictured here,  Houston Personal Trainers say a person must to burn fat. By replacing one pound of body fat with sleek muscle, the metabolism speeds up and additional  calories are burned every day and fitness improves. To burn fat and build muscle do this advanced workout designed by Houston Personal trainer Melissa at Citiflex:(yes this IS an AB workout..remember to get Abs, a person needs to do a lot of cardio.)
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Run fast Sprints and then jog...sprint for three minutes..jog for five minutes..and repeat...make the workout last for an hour and make sure to have a warm up and cool down period. Advanced fitness personal training clients near Memorial Park or Downtown Houston can do the sprints up an incline or hill.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday do the following five part workout: yes this IS for ABDOMINALS!  =) NO hills needed for this part..anyone in Tomball, Spring, 1960 Area, Kingwood, The Woodlands or Downtown Houston can do this!

San Jose and Los Gatos personal training workout part one: three sets of squat jumps, ten reps each set.
San Jose and Los Gatos personal training workout part two: three sets of lunges holding eight pound weights in each hand, twenty lunges each set. In between each lunge do a shoulder press holding the weight.
San Jose and Los Gatos personal training workout part three: three sets of pullups  hanging from a bar with body weight, ten reps each set.. a chair under the bar may be used for assistance.
San Jose and Los Gatos personal training workout part four: two sets of jumping pushups(do it just like it sounds, do a pushup and then jump up, back to a pushup etc.), ten reps each set. 
San Jose and Los Gatos personal training workout part five: three sets of dot drills.. hop by changing directions in a repeating pattern on the floor using tape to mark five dots on the floor in a square, with one dot in the middle. Each set of dot drills should have thirty reps. Houston fitness freaks can do this timed with a stopwatch and try to beat the time every set.
Do this very difficult and intense but very effective workout recommended by Houston and TheWoodlands Personal Trainer Melissa, for very fit individuals who want to have ripped abs. Keep the workout going for six weeks and eat a twelve hundred calorie a day meal program which includes at least five servings of veggies and 1/2 ounce of water for every pound of body weight, and watch the abs get cut.

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