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professional package

Six weeks twice a week .

which includes two workouts a week either in the early morning or evening at location of your choice or office gym,  for those who have a busy professional schedule. This package comes with consultation about eating preferences and fitness history with individualized workouts based on client experience and abilities...$1499.00 with targeted weight and inches lost for amazing results.


New mom new dad package,

four weeks,  two workouts a week in your home so child care does not have to be provided for.

These workouts will quickly help new moms (and dads) get back their pre baby body. It includes menu planning and food shopping and preparation to help families get on the same page with healthy eating. Four weeks twice a week ...$1199.00 with custom menu planning and cooking to create long term success habits. Targeted weight loss included


Buddy package

Three weeks three times a week for two people as a team

This package is for students or couples who want to save money because two can basically workout for the price of one as long as they can workout at the same time and location together. This package includes a wide variety of workouts to accommodate a range of interests, but it is important that people choosing this option find a buddy with similar fitness abilities. ...$999.00 includes a wide variety of workouts and targeted weight loss.


Quick results package

Eight weeks three times a week

This package is for someone who is getting married or going to an event or just wants to see the fastest results. This includes three workouts a week and extensive menu planning and implementation and is very quickly effective. ...$1799.00 includes extensive menu implementation, education about fitness and custom workouts and full body targeted results.


Back on track package

Ten weeks twice a week

is for adults who are trying to get back into shape after a long period of inactivity. For these individuals considering this package, I first recommend that you first workout consistently for a month about twice or three times a week by going for  a brisk walk or a bike-ride so that your body can adapt a bit to exercise. Then when you have proved to yourself that you are able to be consistent with dedicating time to workout, then I can help you get the shape that you want with custom training. ...$2299.00 and it includes clients with health issues or diet restrictions and provides customized workouts with targeted results


Gift package

Six workouts for new clients only including

This package is for people wishing to give a Christmas gift , birthday gift or anniversary gift of customized personal training to someone they love who needs to get back into shape and who WANTS to get back into shape. This is always a really appreciated gift if the person receiving the gift feels they would benefit from having customized workouts and menu planning to help them get back into shape.  a fitness and eating assessment session. $499.00

I require that my clients refrain completely from weight loss supplements and during the training that I provide have a minimum of alcohol, soft drinks and sugar. I try to encourage an overall healthy lifestyle and the client has to participate even when I am not looking =) With my support and training and with YOUR participation and compliance to eating menus and scheduled workouts, you WILL have fantastic results. To see previous clients, visit my testimonial page. Make sure your doctor does not put any restrictions on your ability to workout.

If you wish to arrange a consultation you can fill out the form on this website and I will respond or you can email me personally at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and give me as much information as possible so I can determine the best way to help you.  I take only a limited number of clients so get in touch with me as soon as possible so you can arrange the perfect workout time for  you. Thank you! Call soon!


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