San Jose CA Steph - Los Gatos and San Jose California Personal trainer
San Jose and Los Gatos California fitness enthusiasts are lucky to have Fitness trainer Stephanie who also helps brides get ready for their weddings and who coaches volleyball as well. Stephanie specializes in quick weight loss and loves to help people and is bilingual. Los Gatos and San Jose California area personal trainer Stephanie, specializes in training and conditioning, girls club volleyball preparation, weight loss conditioning, Running training, Weight toning and Plyometrics as well as running and interval speed work and improved reaction time training.

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volleyball_team and Personal Trainer Stephanie.jpg
Volleyball sports specific coach and personal trainer Steph with her College Volleyball team. She is now available for personal training in Los Gatos California
steph_volleyball_ready to serve.jpg
Stephanie, who was co-captain of her volleyball team, is about to serve an ace at a college volleyball game.
steph_and her good friend in Europe.jpg
These two girls, one of whom is Los Gatos California certified personal trainer Stephanie, are on an abroad trip to Spain.
steph writing a message in the sand on the beach photo.jpg
In home personal trainer Stephanie of Los Gatos california, just got back from an abroad trip to Spain to work on her spanish speaking skills. In this photo she is writing in the sand on the beaches in Europe to say hi to her friends.
steph playing goofy beach volleyball photo.jpg
Wanna see Los Gatos, California personal Trainer Stephane BLOCK now during this beach volleyball game?? In this photo she is on a friends shoulders to play volleyball.
steph on a riding lawnmower photo.jpg
This photo of a riding lawnmower with a personal trainer on it shows that Weight loss expert Stephanie of los gatos California is not afraid of hard work..and she knows how to drive that mower and cut grass for hours at a time to get the job done..(hey its a lot better than walking!}
steph in europe photo.jpg
College girlfriends are friends for life! In this photo, hazel eyed brunette personal trainer Stephanie is smiling with her college pal.
steph getting a doubles workout on the beach.jpg
This photo shows An Unusual type of beach volleyball Doubles..
steph and volleyball fans photo.jpg
This photo shows Stephanie and her college volleyball gang.
steph and her european friends.jpg
In this photo taken in Europe during an abroad trip, Stephanie practices doing leg squats while standing on her friends =)
steph gets a snack during volleyball photo.jpg
Los Gatos California Certified personal Trainer Steph teaches all sorts of volleyball specific training skills to girls in High School to help them with club and school volleyball. In this photo she is getting a snack during a volleyball tournament as good nutrition is essential to improving stamina during a long day of games.
steph in europe photo.jpg
Los Gatos, California personal trainer Steph in some far off remote area of Europe.
steph and her fiance Devlin.jpg
Los Gatos California Personal Trainer Stephanie at a formal dinner.
Playing college volleyball is personal trainer Steph.jpg
In this photo of a college volleyball game, Stephanie, Co captain of her volleyball team is always thinking of ways to encourage the efforts of each player on the team.
steph and her cousin heather.jpg
In this photo, Personal trainer Stephanie, of Los Gatos, California, enjoys hanging out with her cousin Heather.
steph helping a friend do a volleyball conditioning workout photo.JPG
Personal Trainer Steph has to place the med ball on the legs of the client who has to use the hamstrings to toss the ball back to the trainer. This is tough because the client is hanging and sometimes the clients grip is weaker. This workout is part of a sports specific group of exercises for volleyball players to strengthen without causing shoulder, back or knee injuries.
steph and Ashley.jpg
In this photo of personal trainer Stephanie with Ashley, Stephanie looks great in anything and she is a little bit Country cuz she is from TEXAS!
steph doing a volleyball stunt photo.jpg
In this photo of Los Gatos weight loss expert and fitnessTrainer Stephanie, she is shown doing a volleyball doubles "Stunt Set". She wants to know who wants to block her in this game?
steph at her friends wedding photo.jpg
Pretty in Pink, Stephanie in this photo at a friends wedding, makes the day seem brighter for her clients.
steph and Darcy.jpg
Volleyball co captains Darcy and personal trainer Steph relax after a grueling volleyball tournament.
steph doing a smack down photo.jpg
Los Gatos California personal trainer Steph, dressed in a bright blue dress in this photo, loves to beat up on her friends!!
steph doing a weighted plyo med ball pass photo.jpg
Personal Trainer Stephanie of the Los Gatos California here is performing a crunch with a med ball toss. The ball is tossed back to a partner after doing a complete sit up. To make it more difficult a client can keep the feet off the floor.
steph doing throw ups with a plyo med ball photo.jpg
Core workouts are an important part of a varsity volleyball workout in college. Here is a photo of personal trainer Stephanie working with a small med ball while in the superman position and performing a toss up to her partner. This works shoulders, back arms and core.
passing the beach volleyball photo with good form.jpg
In this photo of a volleyball player on the beach, Personal trainer Stephanie is shown "Peppering". This technique in volleyball is fun when on the beach because the sand feels good and the sun is warm and the wind is breezy!
Personal Trainer Steph of the Los Gatos California area, is pictured here.
steph and college friend on the beach photo.jpg
College Volleyball Star Kristina is pictured here with her volleyball friend and personal trainer Stephanie.
going for it in beach volleyball is personal trainer Steph.jpg
Never let the volleyball hit the ground has to be the mindset during any volleyball game, even just fun on the beach and this is what is happening in this photo with Personal Trainer in Los Gatos California Stephanie.
setting the beach volleyball with good form photo.jpg
Photo on the beach of setting the volleyball. Steph likes to practice her volleyball skills even off the court when she is on break from college
Steph is a clean living personal trainer and eats healthy foods and does not drink alcohol and you can see in this photo that her body shows it!
los gatos personal trainer steph with Devlin.jpg
Certified Personal Trainer Stephanie walks in Los Gatos California with her Fiance .
los gatos volleyball trainer Steph.jpg
Los Gatos Volleyball trainer Steph walks in the california hills with Devlin
workout expert in Los Gatos California.jpg
Workout Expert Stephanie of Los Gatos California is engaged.
Los Gatos Certified Personal Trainer.jpg
Certified Personal Trainer Steph of Los Gatos and her fiance, enjoy doing outdoor activities together in the beautiful California hills.
Stephanie of Los Gatos California.jpg
Personal Trainer Stephanie of Lose Gatos California can help high school girls lose weight and improve their volleyball game. She also is a runner trainer and is a fitness expert, helping overweight women lose body fat and get a lean sculpted appearance.
2. good of me but not of him.jpg
Los Gatos personal trainer
2. spring break oahu.jpg
los gatos certified trainer
D. before another dance.jpg
Personal Trainer Steph before another dance.
D. before another dance02.jpg
Girls going to a dance Photo with personal trainer in black dress.
D. dancing is one of my favorite work outs.jpg
Dancing is Certified Personal Trainer Steph's favorite workout.
D. formal dinner at school.jpg
Another formal dinner at school with friends..Steph is in the middle.
D. ready to get our groove on.jpg
Getting Ready to go out and get our groove on!
GA. fun shots in Galveston beach.jpg
Fun Photo shots of personal trainer Steph at the beach.
GA. more fun before galveston.jpg
More fun before heading to the beach with certified los Gatos personal trainer
GA. notorious before Galveston.jpg
Notorious before going out for the night.
GA. strangers boat in Galveston.jpg
Checkin out the wind for some sailing and sunbathing in this photo of California personal trainer Steph.
Galveston beach with b.f.jpg
The beach with Best Friend is photo of Personal trainer Steph, now in California.
HI. cliff jumping in Maui.jpg
Cliff Jumping in Maui in this photo of personal trainer Stephanie of California
HI. Community Service in Oahu.jpg
Community service in Oahu in this photo.
HI. dont give me attitude DO THOSE pushups.jpg
Don't give me attitude..DO those PushUPs !!
HI. easy bicep curls in Maui.jpg
Easy Double girl bicep curls in this photo of strong man holding personal trainer.
HI. going into a lava tube in HawaiiJPG.jpg
Going into a lava tube in this photo of certified personal trainer visiting Hawaii.
HI. hiking a volcanoe in Maui.jpg
Hiking a Volcano in Maui.
HI. Hiking the Grand Canyon of the Pacific in Maui.jpg
Hiking the Grand Canyon of the Pacific..in Maui..in this photo of California personal trainer Stephanie.
HI. Posing with my sailors in Oahu.jpg
Posing with my sailors in Oahu
HI. Preparing to bike down the volcano in Maui.jpg
Preparing for a bike ride with personal trainer of Los Gatos, California
HI. snorkeling in Hawaii.jpg
Photo of girls about to go snorkeling in Hawaii.
HI. the biggest and best wave in HI from 30 ft down.jpg
Biggest and best wave in Hawaii from 30 feet up!
HI. We got ups in Maui.jpg
We got U P S in Hawaii!
I. a summer dress.jpg
In a Summer Dress
I. always carry your sense of humor.jpg
In personal training, Certified California Trainer Stephanie knows it is important to always carry your sense of humor.

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