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Dance of Romance..I think its a name on twitter...how lovely that sounds to us all. Specially to me because I love dancing! lol (my videos rock with it even though I admittedly am not a great dancer) And the LOVE that comes with Romance and Passion can be life altering. Wow those words are a winning combination.
But what happens to us when that Dance of romance seems to be elusive, or just has evaporated completely Men and women BOTH have experienced this. A lot of men get involved in outside relationships to replace the passion they feel they are missing in their marriages. Some women have begun to do the same. This is not about judging people who are involved with other people...I'm sure there are a lot of them out there including myself. But if we get past pointing a finger...what is REALLY going on when this happens
As a very religious and fairly conservative person I have come to realize that in our lives we constantly have to face the things that challenge us the most to grow as a person. I for one said that I would NEVER be divorced..but here I am, divorced. I also said I thought that being Gay was bad, but now I know some wonderful gay members of the community, some of whom are family members and obviously I do not think they are bad. We can as individuals disagree with another persons life choices, but why do we feel like THEIR choices threaten us
Why do we get others to see our point of view as to how we must all hate and fear them in order to feel like we are doing our job to protect others in society from the same mistake.
My thoughts are that with a marriage, it is a very fragile environment which, when shattered, can fragment many lives, so it is VERY important to me, in my journey through my emotions and my choices, to get to the unhealthy things that led up to loss of passion and romance.
I have researched and read many different opinions from men and women on this topic Some think that marriage, as an institution, is valuable and needs to be protected. Others think it is outdated.

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