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Sewing and Vacuum warehouse on state highway 249 in Houston threw away my sewing maching Print E-mail

Thats right, they threw away my sewing machine. If you were thinking about going to  Sewing and Vacuum warehouse on hwy. 249, you do not want to shop at this place. They do not give refunds and they do not post it or tell you about it before you purchase equipment even when your new purchase does not work properly and even when you speak with the manager and even when you come back or call back within the hour the same day of purchase. Read the whole story below. Normally a person goes into a business in good faith that they will receive a good product and that the company is not desperate for business like Sewing and vacuum warehouse in Houston is desperate for business, enough to do shady or underhanded business practices. Houston and The Woodlands Personal trainer Melissa will never again pay cash for anything because if she had, her credit card could have disputed this sale. To find out what exactly happened, read more details below the photo. Melissa is filing a complaint with the better business bureau but she no longer has her own machine because they threw it away within the hour, they claim, and she no longer has her cash because they wont refund it even though the new machine failed to work properly right out of the box.

 Photo below of Houston and The Woodlands personal trainer Melissa on the beach in galveston. .


Day number one, May 13, 2010
I go to the store and take my kenmore sewing machine with me to the store. The kenmore is not brand new but it is working other than when sewing on very fine or thin fabric. This store fixes machines. I arrive and notice that one sewing machine for sale is only 200.00 with a trade in of your sewing machine. I ask about the machine and decide to purchase it. I ask how much it is without the trade in and am told it is still the same price and that if my old sewing machine is a singer, they will just throw it away anyway. So I decide to keep my machine and just buy theirs since it is a good price and maybe I will fix mine later. The purchase is done as a cash transaction and I pay cash and the man I purchase it from never tells me there are no refunds even though I am very indecisive about what machine or even if to purchase a new sewing machine. He offers to carry the machine out and hands me the receipt and when we get out to the truck he asks if I mind if he just disposes of my old sewing machine.  I feel a bit akward because I was going to keep the machine but I reason, well I have a new machine, no reason to keep the old one even though its not a singer. So he carries it back into the store and I drive off. I get home and one hour later am sewing the same fabric again on my new machine and this time the NEW MACHINE DOES THE SAME THING. I immediately call the store and get the lady who answers to find the man who sold me the machine and I tell him the problem and he says it is not the machine it is probably the thread I am using and tells me to bring it back in and he will look at it. I tell him to hold onto my old machine because I want it back because there is not sense in me buying a new machine if the old one is no worse. The man does not tell me at this time that he has disposed of my machine, he does not tell me I cannot have it back, and he does not tell me there are no refunds. I go back to the store later that day fully expecting to be treated fairly and to get my new machine looked at in case I have the wrong thread and to get back my old machine.
I arrive in the evening as the store does not close till eight pm and when I arrive the lady who is there says the man who sold me the machine is gone for the day and she does not know where my machine is. She looks at my new machine and says it is not a problem with the thread. She takes the machine back to the back room. That concerns me a bit and so I follow her and see her jamming a screwdriver in the machine wedging it in a crack in the machine. I ask her" are you doing something to the new machine I should know about? " She comes back out of the back with the machine and says nothing and starts sewing with a thick piece of double thickness fabric. The machine sews the fabric without breaking the thread and she says, I have a feeling this is not how it was sewing for you earlier. I said no..and she said that they were having a problem with just this machine brand being compressed in the packing materials and she had to use the screwdriver to unwedge the jammed area. This also concerned me and yet I was willing to see if the machine worked better so I agreed to go back home and try it again ( it is a 40 minute drive from my home to the store) and she says I will have to come back tomorrow to get my old machine but she says she will write a note to the man I spoke with on the phone to tell him I came to get the machine. (I had already told the man I wanted it back earlier) I drive back home and tried the machine..it still breaks the thread on my single thickness thin fabric after four stitches. The store is closed by now and I am upset.
May 14 2010
I go back to the store the next day. I find the man who sold me the sewing machine at sewing and vacuum warehouse on fm249 and I give him back my new machine and ask for a refund and ask for my old machine. He does not speak but just takes my machine and starts sewing again with the heavy double thickness fabric. It does not break the thread but again, he is not recreating the problem as I am having it at home.I told him even though it sews fine in the store, it does not sew fine in my home with a different fabric and I want a refund. I am told at that time that he will not give a refund and that he also threw away my own sewing machine. I asked him if it was normal to buy a new machine and have to have a person at the store jam it with a screwdriver to get it to sew properly and he said there was nothing wrong with the machine and that the lady probably could have adjusted it with her finger just as easily. I feel like a machine that is brand new should not need these types of unlisted adjustments and that the machine was defective out of the box. He said it was not defective and said that no refunds is printed on the receipt. I looked all around and saw no sign stating that there are no refunds and also reminded him he did not tell me there were no refunds. I was shocked when he said he had thrown away my machine. "I called you and talked to you directly within the hour and came back that same evening to get my machine" How could you have thrown it away when you knew I wanted it back? I find it very very difficult to believe that a reputable store that sells sewing machines would not even evaluate a machine and would just toss it within an hour..and even if they had tossed it, could not retrieve it since I had called literally sixty minutes later.  I ask to speak to the manager and am told he will be there the next day on Saturday and have to come back again. I leave the new machine there and go home.
May 15, 2010
I arrive at the store in the morning. I am told the manager is not there. I have to wait a half hour and he finally arrives. I ask for a refund. I ask for my old machine. He refuses both. I tell him I am going to report him to the better business bureau and write to tell others about this experience and he says to be my guest.The manager's name is Ken Carpenter and Ken Carpenter said the machine was not defective even though it does not sew the fabric I bought it for, and he said the old machine was evaluated, tossed in the dumpster, and picked up by the trash disposal people all within the hour after I left the store. (All the stars would have had to aligned for this to be true which I surely doubt) Fact: I was not told there are no refunds. Fact: The new machine still will not sew the thin fabric and keeps breaking the thread. Fact: the lady in the store said the machine had been having problems and she jammed it with a screwdriver..Fact: I called within the hour to get my machine back: Fact: My machine was thrown away even when I told them I was coming to get it.
Customers only want to be treated fairly and this store fails in every category. Do not buy a sewing machine or vacuum from Sewing Machine warehouse 

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