It's all about freedom...

Its all about Freedom isn't it?

Freedom is a human state of being isn’t it. Artificial intelligence cannot experience freedom. People, unlike computers, cannot be programmed or driven to express beauty and health. We cannot express someone else’s body of work in the real world, our body of work is the result of our own choices.
But unlike a computer, you have the Freedom to SEE yourself as a reflection or mirror of the perfect person God created you to be. When you look in the mirror, I bet you want to SEE that perfect person who belongs to YOU as an individual...that ray of sunshine, that happy face. The beauty, honesty and integrity, balance and symmetry that you were made to exhibit and demonstrate with your life, you want to see right now, reflected in the mirror…you want to SEE that reflection which originates with your own behavior...your own unique choices.

Guess what… you have to "let it go" first. Those things that do not belong to you, you have to let those things go. The good news is that you have the freedom to let go of everything that is not yours. You have the freedom to let go of things like cellulite, obesity, addiction, disease and poor health...those are examples of things that do not belong to you. What belongs to you and what does not...its an easy thing to recognize.

There appears to be an opioid epidemic, an unnatural reliance on pharmaceuticals as well as other drugs, smoking and alcohol, and you have to freedom to keep shooting yourself full of various drugs or you can CHOOSE, to let go of those addictions that distort your beautiful reflection in the mirror.

If life is like a race, you have the freedom to drive someone else's beautiful, FAST, perfect race-car..for a while, someone who DOES make the right choices, but at the finish line, you surely must realize that you will have to get out of that car, because it is not your car and it never was your will not win anything real with someone else's will never even get to the finish line. Do not wait for the end of the race to exercise your freedom of choice... it is time to let go NOW of everything that never belonged to you ....

Letting go is easy because what we have, each of us within ourselves, is the ability to express beauty, goodness and strength that is Ours and is uniquely individual. Melissa, Houston personal trainer, will help you realize the fact of harmonious being in your own reflection, and uncover any weakness that tries to filter distort or hijack your pure image. Fitness beauty and health is a daily choice, and a daily walk. a daily prayer. Choose Life, expect to find that good and you will realize your fitness goals sooner than you thought.