Like the Wind

I watched The Truman Show last night. I watched it because I believed it was a great example of what I have been experiencing in my own life. But instead of letting it get me sad or down...I decided to try to take an analytical approach. I thought about the media in the movie as the Wind..and the lesson my dad tried to teach me about things that seem to be invisible..or untouchable.

He had asked me to "Paint the wind" and I had argued with him that it was not a fun thing to paint because you "cannot see the wind". My dad just can see evidence of the wind can't you he asked me. Sometimes, even though I was just in the mood to have fun and play or paint, my dad would always challenge me to take a step into the deep, and think about what he was asking me to do.

Trying to see God in my life, sort of feels like trying to "paint the wind". I believe in God, and I believe he is taking care of things in my life for me, but I do not want to have to "search for evidence" that he exists. It always seems that bad things are obvious and that God is hidden somewhere, like the wind.

But the wind CAN be painted and it DOES exist. There are many ways we can find evidence of God in our lives. And we can see what trust in God can do for people in desperate situations. I remember reading about a girl who was able to lift a car off of her dad to save him. I believe God helped her do that. When I call on God to help me, I always feel his presence. It is constant, and comforting and reliable and effective. With that confidence inspired by God, I feel like I do not have to run away from evil and I also do not have to challenge it... I can call on God to show me how to be the warrior. David called on God to help him with Goliath. I believe that privacy invasion and unauthorized data collection is a modern day Goliath. And words, my simple truthful words, can be the stones that cause this modern day Goliath to fall. One with God is a majority.

She's like the Wind