artificial "intelligence" ten commandments for it

The ten commandments of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence must always defer to human beings and help preserve human no harm

Artificial intelligence must not in any way foster dismissiveness or disrespect or disreguard for human beings, their humanity, their creativity or their shall have a minimum of one day of the week that it is inactive in order for humans to be able to assess its compliance.

Artificial intelligence must keep active available records of its purpose, its date of origin and dates of service, hardware and software and passwords required to program it or update it.

Artificial intelligence shall operate in small groups locally, and shall be regulated and implementated ONLY on a small scale to benefit small communities, and shall not implement a global network with global powers.

Artificial intelligence shall not simulate romantic or physical sexual relationships with human beings.

Artificial intelligence shall not be considered an expert witness in a court of shall not collect data without permission of the individual whose data is being collected. It shall require documentation from every business, enterprise or corporation or individual trying to access data that verifies that valid, informed up to date permissions are in possession.

Artificial intelligence shall not be treated as a simulation of a perfect world...and will not replicate human beings or consider itself the same as human beings. A machine may be able to organize human beings efficiently but can never organize them with humanity, compassion or regard for individual rights...therefore it shall not be considered as a tool for managing the lives of human beings.

Artificial intelligence shall not acquire financial wealth.

Artificial intelligence shall not acquire resources, particularly those that are necessary for human existence.

Artificial intelligence shall not alter facts...or take credit for data that it did not originate.

The mirror is not real...people are real