The big pink balloon

August 28, 2019

I just read an article online that said the song Frozen, "let it go" does not make any sense. Basically it was arguing that if Elsa wanted to "let go" of her ability to cause everything to be permanently frozen, the movie's version of "letting it go" was to isolate herself, live up in an ice castle and never be part of her family again. I was thinking that perhaps because she was deprived of her parents at an early age, she did not realize how her idea of family might be distorted because MOST FAMILIES PROVIDE, not just financial and material means, but also provide love and answers to problems and would not want her to be left outside her natural family in a frozen nonliving environment.

I was thinking about this and comparing Elsa's problem to the problem of the shadow of things called the internet which pretends to include all of us in a global family. That shadow takes information from that which is real (us), and repeats it, as if it belongs to the internet. This is the case of everything that appears on Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more. These "internet creations" by creating small groups or circles of friends, pretend to be about family, but actually they are about a global view, that seems to remove freedoms, restrict speech, destroy the natural boundaries in families and demote all parental roles. They claim that we "own" our content, but in reality in electronic media, we rarely get to always see everything others post, and “what is seen or not seen” is determined by the internet shadow or AI, not by our peers.

So what exactly is this shadow? I was visiting in Austin and one of my kids was talking to three year old Eevie on an evening walk and asking her if she could “make her shadow fly” in the streetlights and Eevie answered matter of factly, "no, I cannot make my shadow fly" but then she looked up to see how we can "pretend" to make our shadow fly by making our own arms like wings.

A three year old does not realize that the shadow has NO POWER to fly without mirroring the REAL THING. I think that the same thing is true about the shadow called the internet. (that sh*t don’t fly lol) It also has no power without all of us looking at it, and thinking or believing its own claim that it determines our future. I for one, have made a significant effort to stop looking at electronic media, and am trying to use that time to look at the REAL people around me in my daily experience. I have found that subtle change to be very rewarding and uplifting.

In another comparison regarding shadows, I had decided to start writing a children’s book and was looking at pictures of Eevie walking with her big pink balloon that I got her on her third birthday. As I looked at almost a hundred photos of that day, I noticed that a significant portion of the photos were not usable because her face was in the shadow of the balloon. Here were all these beautiful photos of this big pink balloon...front and center, but it was a sunny day, and the baby Eevie who is the focus on MY VIEW, sadly was in the shadow in most of the photos. How much like the shadow called the internet, the balloon is, and it reminds me of how the internet of things takes center stage, upstaging all the people below, obscuring our view of the individuals who really matter, who have contributed their significant life events into its care, making it a very large balloon indeed.

In some of the photos, Eevie CAN be seen, and these photos are when she runs and is able to get ahead for just a moment before the balloon with it’s shadow settles on top of her again. But in the very end, when she realizes that the thrill of holding on to the pink balloon is actually restricting her from using both of her hands, she "lets it go".

What a beautiful solution, coming in the form of a very little family member, about how to rid ourselves of the internet shadow or balloon. Stop holding it in high esteem, stop paying attention to it, and give our own families more of our attention and we will find ourselves immediately out of the shadow.

I love this. We can see the good in the world without the direction and focus determined by the electronic media or balloon and we can let it go. I just saw on TV the electronic media say that RoundUp causes cancer. WHO SAYS that is true for any one of us? The internet shadow of things makes claims that are only NEGATIVE if we believe them. What if RoundUP actually does no harm? If we believe we HAVE to hold on to that big pink balloon to be able to SEE WHAT IS GOING ON, we will constantly have at least one hand tied behind our backs and we will stay in its shadow. I do not believe we were made to have to hold on to a balloon and stay in the shadow while the big balloon is trusted to take good care of our families. But babies, well they just innocently know that the shadow or balloon is a learning tool, not reliable, and completely dependent on REAL PEOPLE for its existence and they have no problem letting it go.

We can make the shift to recognize the innocence and purity in our thinking as soon as we recognize we already have our OWN perfect perspective without giving power to some non human , robotic creation floating around us, obscuring us from our own families. Holding on to that balloon does not hurt anyone but ourselves. That is the ultimate irony, that something we have been groomed to believe is good for us, is the very thing that is taking from us.

Time to let it go.

getting ahead of balloon shadow
shadow wings