Twitter "banners" and "borders"

June 29, 2019

There is this guy on Linked-in named Jon (I have never met him so I do not know if he is real or artificial) who always is posting "innovations" that get a lot of responses and loads of “views”. Yesterday the innovation Jon posted was a series of moving blocks that position themselves underneath the feet so that a human being who is trying to take steps, always lands on one of these blocks. The text said that artificial intelligence "helps" this person who is taking steps, but as you watch, you realize that the person is not going anywhere… and is remaining stationary.

This reminds me of a scientific study years ago of a baby who was cared for by individuals who did not communicate with the baby or hold it or give it love. The baby was given food and liquids and a safe environment but it was kept devoid of human love or affection. The baby did not survive in spite of all the "nourishment" and “safety” physically provided.

Safety and a perfect world is what Truman got in his FAKE world as well. And in the Truman show, Truman did everything he could to escape a world which was artificial. The artificial world is tidy, but real humans are messy. Babies need to have parents who love and encourage and touch and people who are going places do not just want to take steps they want to make progress. Artificial "intelligence" that supplies food without Love, devoid of emotion, or steps without progress, cannot sustain our human race.

This brings me to our president and people just like him who are controversial, intelligent, sarcastic and

well "messy". In a recent news article, Twitter is going to flag his tweets that they consider to be against their policies. I had a twitter account as was flagged as well. It was flagged because I posted myself singing songs... so according to twitter... my account is too "controversial" to be allowed to exist. That "communication" from me which is real, honest, is "messy" because the platform has not made arrangements for artists to get paid when snippets of their songs get played by twitter members. It was something I was doing for ten years...and to 12,000 followers...many of whom were "verified". But the need to communicate with REAL PEOPLE is another one of those "needs" that human beings have...very similar to the baby that needs to be held and touched and loved.

I wonder if those tweets that I made over the years where I was constantly asking for help and getting no response, were tweets going to a non existent base of "artificial intelligent" or fake people...people who were NOT REAL, who provided the "space for me to step” without making any progress just like the AI blocks or squares Jon posted on his account yesterday. I wonder if this square space website of mine is also going to get choked out by Google? It is not a store front with goods on display. It would be HUMAN to think that with SO many followers on twitter, SOMEONE out there could see what I saw and feel what I felt and that what I felt mattered? If Twitter is like YouTube and other platforms that plan to "choke" messy videos and controversial videos by putting them in a place where they get no audience, they will not have to worry about people using their platforms any more. Because FOLLOWERS is not what human beings desire. COMMUNICATION that helps people to solve problems, and provides honest information, is what gives people...REAL PEOPLE...what they need. God also provides that…and harmony with ourselves, when we do not get real people to interact with us, is a gift from God because ultimately God makes sure we get what we need…that is what Paradise is.

If an account is fake, for the purpose of marketing or for the purpose of preventing communication between our different communities, I feel THAT account is what does damage to REAL communication. NOT REAL PEOPLE WHO ARE MESSY. I am grateful for our messy but REAL president. I am grateful for a real family so that I can HELP THEM, LOVE THEM and touch them with my kind words and good intentions. A ban over our president is like saying that what he speaks is "dangerous". No...making our society think that people who do not agree with us are dangerous is what is actually what is hazardous to the longevity of the human race. I wish the president would sing a song that he did not create, so that the "offenses" that our legal system call "illegal" can be put into perspective. Our HUMANITY is not offensive. Our LACK OF HUMANITY is what is offensive. Our families provide us that real environment that nurtures us…and after that our neighbors and our communities, our states and our country. We are allowed to interact with each other in the real world, and when we do so with integrity we do not get punished, we get workable solutions. What is our intention towards others, is what we can evaluate in our own conscience and give what we can to help provide solutions. People are very generous. But we cannot force other people to give, we can just remind them of the golden rule…and Giving has to come from the heart. If twitter does not want to give me a platform, or if they want to pretend our president is dangerous, they can make that choice. They have borders just like our country has borders..and we must honor their borders correct? I will still get what I need, because I trust God and because God gives us all a REAL FAMILY we can love and cherish and respond to. That is in fact what we are asked to do…to love our neighbor as ourselves. And we have the choice to do so and when we love our families and give them what they need, WE benefit. Just MY REAL opinion.

this is a real person her name is melissa