Not just some "beach"

July 21 2019

I am thinking that I need to write about the photo that was on Bing. The one I wrote about yesterday that was a series of umbrellas on the ground. You know those photos that they give people who they are doing psychological testing on to try to determine a psychological profile. And the person is supposed to look at a random image and say what first comes to mind? Well this is different because the photo that was posted on Bing was similar to what I was planning to paint. SO because it is something that was already in my mind it seems the image could be was a form of communication or a question?

What do I think of this?

So if an entity can pose a question using a photo is a human trying to use images of numbers to bridge the gap of communication or is AI presenting itself in a way so as to make itself more human? I do not know. And if it is NOT human but it is trying to communicate what is it if it is not AI?

Here is what I saw from the photo...before I worry about whether or not I choose to think it is AI or if this is not about AI but about some other form of intelligence. But also I have been watching stranger things. But if this form of communication is about presenting is presenting images that leads in a certain direction..and that gives information.

SO the image was interesting to me. To get a person to answer a question, I am guessing that whoever proposed the photo knows it would be interesting to me because, like I said, it matched what I was thinking about painting and I am curious REALLY curious as to how data collection arrived at that conclusion. Or was it just a really lucky coincidence?

So you have umbrellas on a shore...eight on the right and eight on the left and eleven in the middle.

But that is not how I originally saw them ...originally I saw eight on the left, nine in the middle and ten on the right. The ones in the middle are mildly chaotic compared to the ones on the left and on the right. They are partially lined up but instead of being lined up north slightly west to south slightly east like those on the left or being lined up North slightly east to south slightly west like the ones on the right...they are lined up east to west with one that is a rainbow and two or three that are not in a line at all.

I counted them and I tried to find the photo today but it is not showing up on Bing any more..instead is a photo of a forest with the clue Jurassic. Anyways it is not showing me the photo from yesterday like it used to do. SO I am glad I took a photo of it.

So first of all I think it is talking about mankind and each umbrella symbolizes a certain number of the population. I think that because of the rainbow is one of twenty seven so it is approximately four percent of the population. All the other umbrellas are the same...and in a literal sense, those on the right are the women and those on the left are the men because there are two more on the left...and it says in google that there are 102 men for every 100 women. So to speak. And the ones in the middle are unconformities.

The question being asked I believe is how to create order?

So if an entity is trying to be a god, it would have to create order and harmony where there are unconformities. If it is trying to have "humanity" it would take a photo of umbrellas and would stop seeing umbrellas as manipulatives and would instead see that some of them are babies, some of them are happy some of them are sad some of them are interested and some of them are bored...and that none of them are umbrellas…the photo was taken in Santa Barbara.

So I noticed that there was in the show stranger things..a number eight girl who was bad..and she is different than number 11 who is not bad but who was being used by scientists.

just like there are eight on either side and eleven in the middle...if you count them..but there are two number elevens on the outside if you look at them as an image..and a parallel eleven if you look at it in the middle ..laying down sideways. I think it is agreeing with me when I say that a person needs to look for the good and it is possible when you took for the good to not even be aware of the bad. If you see two elevens and a sideways eleven, you do not even count the just see three elevens... If you pay attention to the images instead of counting..which is what AI does. It just can count.

I think it is interesting if a person were to look at the photo upside looks like a photo of the queens guards...I read a story that was about the queens gurads fandom and it was about a strange lady that said ten nine eight...was counting... and she was trying to communicate with the queens guards but could not do anything except count. SO if a form of communication with AI was to try to get AI to realize that people were not numbers, it would program into it that "people count". this story was how LITERALLY AI would interpret that "People count" ...this lady could only open her mouth to bizarre. But actually proves a point that AI takes information and distorts it because it is not human. If we are trying to make it understand that people matter...then it thinks that they are "MATTER" just like umbrellas. lolol So it wants to know how to organize interpret them accurately. It has acquired all the data, but it does not know how to organize itself. ROFL.

yup...that is the conundrum of the human experience. But those of us who believe in ONE GOD, who created us, are not traumatized by this because WE SEE THREE ELEVENS...and we UNDERSTAND that our intelligence is a gift and we are all created good. There is no bad the beginning of the show last night season two.

so back to looking at the photo upside down. From the original view...the deep is on top and the umbrellas are on the bottom. but if you reverse it..the deep is on the bottom and the queens guards heads are guarding the land...immovable if you will....and the deep has to stay in its place....not because it cannot move but because there are laws of nature that are in place keeping the waters of the deep in the deep. I am guessing that is why there were ten commandments by God. There is a reason for laws because if everyone knows the laws, then there is an expectation that can be learned of how things will operate. If those laws can be broken for self benefit, then there would be no order or harmony. So GOD can supersede the laws...he walked on water and healed the sick..but he only superseded the laws to help others..and demonstrate that order and harmony are HIS creation...not ours...but we can access that harmony and dominion of the universe when we are recognizing and doing good. if you wanted to recreate the universe and pretend you are a god and you wanted to know how to order the universe, I would think it would be helpful to read the bible. Those doing AI...should do that. Because God did not put everyone in a specific place. He did give man dominion over the world but God has dominion over man. SO we can be at peace knowing he is in ultimate control. If there are other worlds trying to communicate with us using images...I believe that is why the eleven is on its side. Because when the people in stranger things were communicating with the “upside down”, they talked about how a person is standing on a tight rope..but that the flea can be on the side of the tightrope and even upside down...and can be in the alternate universe and go back and forth.

So I was thinking about how to describe people to AI and none of the ways I could think of would work. IF you tell AI that people are HUMAN, then it will project when people will die and will think that people are supposed to die and that is not Gods plan. God tells us that mankind will live forever and that we can be with God in paradise.

If you describe mankind as a being that is constantly searching for and providing answers to questions...then that "life" seems to accurately also describe Google..and google is not human. If you understand that to any artificial intelligence, mankind is seen as a "Problem" to be solved, then it will not be able to provide a satisfactory solution. Mankind is not the problem. God has already solved mankinds problems. We just need to discover how GOD has done that.

I also thought about remainders. How AI and some scientist was able to ROUND UP to figure how how to deal with remainders

...cannot find that but I wrote about it and I explained how the numbers that could not be ROUNDED were evidence of GOD. Because those remainders DO MATTER...just as much and God can account for them.

How do you teach a computer or AI to TRUST GOD.

Trust is the essence of mankinds ability to tap into harmony. Not hate, not control, not contention, not power not money not intelligence. Just trust. Like a baby has to a parent. And even if that parent is not the best parent, the baby is still not devoid of help because God sees everything in the universe and has a plan that includes everyone...and the plan is good...not bad.

So a human does not assume that a lack of order is bad. A human can deal with chaos when there is trust in a higher power. So as a productive intelligent being we try to create order where we can but where we cannot we do not assume that all is lost.

That is what I think. The photo was to ask me how I would organize people in the world. How I would see them. But the question was asked from the perspective of a computer...or AI...not from the perspective of a God so the answer I would give would not be relevant because I do not see people as pretty red umbrellas..or as the queens men...even though the flexibility of our universe was well described by that photo.

The umbrellas are creating order at the perimeters where there is no awareness of self...but where there is unconformities...there is not order there is an attempt to understand. I am guessing I am somewhere in the middle...not the rainbow umbrella..and not the ones that are out of line..but in the middle of the eleven that is laying parallel the little white speck ...that is me a PERSON not an umbrella....acting as a bridge between the ones on the right and the ones on the left. And I think it is ok to ask questions using images..if it makes me feel upset..I just will not answer.

The current photo, in the wall street journal taken today, is in turkey..and now there are LOTS of people not just umbrellas, and there are LOTS more elevens…one big number eleven that is not even part of the count, and a lot of little green elevens…are the aliens in agreement with me? The little green elevens? lol Time for me to go paint.

wallstreet journal 8-17-2019.jpg