Only LIght outside the little brown bottle

Have you ever played the "spy game" when you were a kid? You used mirrors to see around corners or if you were a little boy I am guessing you might have tried using mirrors on the ground to see up a girls skirt? Perhaps you used recording devices to listen to conversations by your parents, with them unawares.

It was fun to be "undetected".

I remember not that long ago when one of my kids who was studying languages in college was told to "dissect" a conversation and my kid had recorded my conversation unawares to dissect. When the instructor found out that the conversation was gotten without my permission, the instructor admonished my kid ...gratefully.

It was fun to play “ spy” because as a kid, we were not trying to hurt our parents or siblings, we were just role playing what we thought was the exciting role of a spy. As a parent myself I had no problem giving my kids "spy tools" to play with. But now as I think back, I realize that often we as adults get caught up in the information our kids can acquire or the fun they can have playing "games" without paying attention to the morality of specific behaviors being promoted or endorsed by these games. If everyone in the family knows that the children are playing with spy game toys and know that they are being "spied on" then it is a fun and innocent game. But what if no one knows?

The morality of listening to conversations we are not included in specifically, is an important conversation we should have with our I neglected to have back in the day, but I think I knew from going to church, what was ethical and what was not.

In the world today, we have people who monitor others behavior in order to catch bad behavior before someone gets hurt. For this reason, undercover police pose as “children” online to identify predators who are then charged with a crime. To be a policeman, one should need to be of upstanding moral character, one who would obviously not be a predator as well. In other words, just like the old saying, one would not put the wolf as guardian of the hen house.

I was thinking about the mirror tools that kids used for "spying" and thought about the irony that when a person is looking in a mirror, they are seeing what is behind them, not what is in front of them. In other words, it would seem that a mirror way to spy is not about progress it is about seeing what is history. Based on the way mirrors operate, it would seem much more progressive to work on improving the ethical and moral behavior within families and within departments concerned with monitoring others behaviors, because it is proactive instead of reactive, oriented.

Monitoring and collecting data is concerned with being able to "predict" specific things...from violent behaviors, to disease. But in every case, we are "predicting" by looking backwards. Is'’t that ironic?

Recently I had a garage sale with my son in Austin because Austin is no longer letting residents use their home as an Air B&B site unless the owner is living IN the home. Since my son is now married and living with his wife in a different home, he had to find a permanent tenant and had to sell all the contents of the home and I helped him do that. There were some interesting bottles he had that I liked. Some pale aqua and some clear and one brown bottle.

I wanted to see what was in the brown bottle but it was covered with a large label and the lid would not come off so I soaked it in hot water and vinegar to get the label to come off. The contents of the bottle was a kid pretending to be a spy in the above conversation...undetectable...protected from outside views and virtually impossible to access. Once I got the bottle open and poured out the mysterious contents I thought I could use it as a decoration on my windowsill but when I put it up on the shelf I did not love how it looked. It just looked dark.

I looked up why a bottle is dark...on duck duck go and it said that the reason “drugs” are kept in brown bottles is to keep sunlight out of them because the sunlight will deactivate them or chemically change the structure of the drug. Isn't it interesting that those who are effective IN THE DARK, or undetected, have to be kept IN THE DARK in order to stay effective?

But we were never meant to be IN THE DARK all the time. And I think it is even more interesting that sunlight CHEMICALLY CHANGES and renders ineffective, drugs kept in dark places. Sunlight, the universal representation of good, is useful against darkness.

In the world of spying, It is SO important that those charged with protecting the innocent, operate at some point IN THE SUNLIGHT.

Snowden, was not responsible for protection of the ordinary citizen, but he operated in the darkness and secrecy of the NSA and other secret organizations to do a technical job. But when he realized that citizens were not only NOT being protected, they were being exploited, he, with direct personal knowledge, and at great personal risk, stepped into the sunlight and set the truth free.

Contrast this with a "whistle blower" spy who BENEFITS themselves or operates for the benefit of some organization funding them, when they look for specific behaviors. There is a fine line and a big difference between having an ordinary person of meticulous moral behavior, monitoring public behavior in secret to protect the innocent and having a fully funded legal representative, hiding the truth of who they are while looking for legal ways to entrap individuals in a way that benefits those providing the funding. One type of monitoring could benefit society, the other way would seem to want to destroy society.

Those who are concerned with others, want to improve society, not destroy society. Data collection for the purpose of bribery extortion, or unwarranted punishment is the same as drugs in a jar. When the contents of these behaviors are exposed, they will be deactivated and harmless. It says in the story of creation that Light was separated from darkness. That says a lot doesn't it? Reach for the Light.

reach for the Light