So you want to get in shape?

Hello I am Melissa and I'm a personal trainer who can help you get in much better shape than you are in right now….I really can! I am also a journalist and an author.

I have had many people ask me how I managed to stay in shape after having five kids and they assume that it's because it's my job. Nope, that is not how I do it. I workout regularly, and fitness for me is a daily routine.. I love my time for fitness and I can help you love it and benefit from it as well. I try to drink lots of water, get enough sleep, stay calm and look for the good, and I rely mostly on prayer for healing of body and spirit.

That peace of mind that comes from knowing that personal health is not left up to chance but is cultivated, makes it a valuable commodity.

I am a one gal show here in Houston, and my all encompassing personal training includes cooking, menu planning and family dynamics that can contribute to faster success. Good health is like a small flower, ts value should not be taken for granted.