What Math problem?

August 17, 2019

At Seven am, I was up and on my morning jog only today it was just a walk, a fast walk but a walk none the less. Mainly I was not running because it was so humid outside. I passed one of my neighbors walking her dog as I turned the corner to face where the sun would be rising, and she said that to her it felt almost cool. I was, however wishing I had brought my ice pack that I brought on really hot days, that I wrapped in a thin towel and draped around my neck to help me cool off.

I was listening to Joel Olsteen on the radio talking about calling out favor.(please God give me a breeze, lol) But seriously, there had indeed been recent favor in my life and I was grateful to call it out. There was the refund of a significant amount of money from the endodontist's office because of insurance. There was the decision of my husbands boss to drill the well boomtown, a well that had been on hold for many years. There was the healing of one of my daughters in law of a progressive disease. There was the comment by my husband the night before that he was going to start doing what I did, and expect good. All of these signs of Gods favor in my life.

I loved how Joel told the stories on his talk show and how happy it made me feel in spite of the heat, in spite of the soreness in my leg that I had tweaked somehow at the gym. I was going to call out favor, and be grateful, expect healing of soreness and expect abundance in my life and the life of others as well. Listening to praise was almost like celebrating Christmas in July, something original and cute that my daughter does in her family.

I decided to continue to listen to the uplifting messages of talk radio on Sirius, and took Joel with me on a bike ride following my walk. He was now talking about YOUR faith. He said that it is great for others to be praying for you but that YOU have to be the one to reach out in faith...with confidence. He talked about the woman who had the issue of blood and how she did not wait for Jesus to come and touch her to be healed, she WENT AFTER JESUS with confidence..and she was weak..and she had been ill many years. But HER FAITH is what Jesus said made her whole. She did not complain about her situation or give up on her situation. SHE HAD FAITH. When she reached out to Jesus in faith, in spite of all her weakness and her difficulties, Jesus spoke directly to her.

I love that. Joel compared that story to another story about how he got his son a car when the son turned sixteen. It was just a used car but his daughter who was thirteen asked him after that if he would buy her a car after she turned sixteen as well. He said that he assured his daughter that he would and he said that his daughter had faith that as her father, he would do what he said he would do. A father WANTS to do good for his child. In the same way with our heavenly father, we can trust in that good coming our way and we can praise God for the good that is coming. We do not have to ask every day for what we want..God already knows. Just like Joels daughter did not have to ask him every day if he would get her a car when she was sixteen.

I thought about faith..and how sometimes it seems hard to do that very thing. It can feel really difficult to rely on God when it seems smarter to rely on science, the seeming facts of nature, the human perspective. But God can do things that humanly do not seem possible. When we trust God in faith, and reach out to him in prayer, he will speak to us.

I had been editing my book, and the chapter I was editing the night before was about how I was telling a story of my childhood about how difficult MATH had been for me. I would work and work on one problem in tests, and would not skip the problems I could not solve. I ended up doing very poorly on tests not because of a deficient mind but because of a deficient process. I mentioned that I still had problems letting go of the one problem that seemed impossible to solve. But based on that childhood story, I had learned that even though a problem might seem so formidible, I always had the intelligence I needed..and perhaps my method just needed a lifted perspective. I thought that perhaps renewed Faith was the process that I needed to rely on.

As I rode my bike to the farthest part of the trail and rounded the corner, again to face the sun, I saw a man walking a dog, with salt and pepper gray hair, a short trimmed beard and a wide happy smile. On his head was a ball cap that said the word "MATH" in bold big letters. I laughed out loud. Who says that God does not speak to us in a way that we can understand! Not only that, God has a way of giving us his messages so that we can trust in his care. I think he is always speaking to us. The message I recieved was that paying attention to the "problem" keeps all our energy focused on the wrong thing. When I was that little girl taking math tests, once my teacher told me that I could even GUESS at the solution because the only things that counted against a person were blank spaces, I stopped leaving blank spaces, guessed as best I could and my scores went up dramatically.

I just needed to make the test taking impersonal...I needed to laugh at the MATH hat, and stop thinking "any person" was the problem. We all want to be wearing that hat that says "math" so people will pay attention to US, when the truth is, those big problems, that we trust God with, are the very problems that catapult us into a better experience. Without the Goliath experience, David would have just been a regular person. Joel Olsteen says that the size of our problems is an indication of the size of our destiny. I love that thought.

My radio stopped due to lack of battery power but I finished the workout with a huge smile on my face. When we feel stuck in a maze, we should pretend we are a math hat, climb up on top of someones head, stop looking at the problem that seems right in front of us, and instead see it from a lifted perspective. I SEE YOU "MATH", And I tip my hat.


what math problem?

tip the scales with Gods favor